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NewGrips with Wrist Wraps Only $27.99/pr.
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A $35 value when sold separately

On the Internet since 1995

Made in the USA

What would your hands look like
after 3,000 Pull Ups in 1 Day?

Raw meat?

Not according to Kyle Gurk who just set
his second Guinness Record for Pull-Ups

"No Blisters after 4,234 Pull Ups using NewGrips"
pull up record

crossfit gloves

The Original Crossfit Gloves
Do 25% More Pull Ups

Train Harder Without Torn Up Hands!

The only Gloves for Crossfit that GUARANTEE no more blisters!

Recommended on Crossfit Wodreview

Recommended on Crossfit Impulse


Barehanded gripping causes
chaffing, blisters and blood.

No wonder your hands hurt!


Leather gloves fail to pad your fingers.

Leather will stink and stain skin.

crossfit gloves

NewGrips provide a level padded surface to equally distribute pressure.

Prevents blisters - rubs away calluses.

Never stains or stinks.

"These Crossfit Gloves are the bomb. The ripping of my hands got annoying. Since using NewGrip crossfit gloves I haven't gotten a new rip. They provide cushion and grip as long as you keep them chalked and dry. I swear by them. I don't do a pull up without them!"
- Omar Torres, aka Bionic YouTube site.

gloves for crossfit

"While doing workouts with 100-150 pull-ups, I was prone to cut-opened bloody blisters. But not any more since using NewGrip padded crossfit gloves. The hand pads are easy and fast to switch in and out as you go from one exercise to another. The wrist support works great while Snatches, Overhead Squats, Push presses, etc.."
- Ankit, CrossFit Hardcore, Florida

crossfit gloves

< Cushions fingers.
< Eliminates torn skin and blisters.
< Focus on rep gain - not finger pain.

gloves fopr CrossFit

< No hand or finger constriction.
< Increases reps and weight loads.
< Adjustable for a custom fit.
< Easy on and off.

crossfit gloves

< Contours to your hand, every weight bar, rowing machine, bicycle and circuit training equipment handle.

< Long life: Men avg. 12 - 18 months. Women avg. 2-3 years.

< Hands can be slipped out of NewGrips instantly.
< Open back insures cool hands.

crossfit wrist wraps
< The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Wraps with velcro.
< Adjust 'longer' for pulling and 'shorter' for lifting and pushing.

crossfit gloves
RECOMMEDED on the Crossfit Glenmore web site.

CrossFit: Omar Torres using NewGrips
for Pullup/Thruster AMRAP

More CrossFit Videos

"The way that I use NewGrips I have never seen anywhere before. Performing slow, no-momentum muscle ups with a false grip on a bar is a big part of my workouts, and I reverse the NewGrips so that the big part of the pad covers my wrists and the Velcro is by my fingers. The pad protects my wrists from getting torn up by the bar when I use the false grip. Its especially necessary because at my gym, the pullup bar where I do my muscle ups is knurled – really tears up the wrists if they are not protected. It works great – I just wear the pads out in about 3-4 months because of the knurling."
Brent Potter

"I do a modified version of crossfit; anywhere from 300-500+ kipping pull-ups a week. Prior to using New Grip, I was tearing my hands up daily. New Grip works very well once I got used to them. I also use them for stuff like kettle bell swings, man-makers, dead lifts, etc. to decrease the wear and tear on my hands."
- Brandon Broll, CrossFit Marin"

"I use NewGrip Gloves for CrossFit, and let me tell you, they are a life saver (or HAND saver!).
They are easy to put on, and are not only protecting my palms, but also act as wrist wraps to keep my wrists secure while lifting. Easy to use on CTB pull ups, TTB, lifting, and they slide off your palms easily for you to use bare hands if needed, only to be able to slide back on in seconds without removing the wrist wrap.
Also, the palm protector un-velcros so that you can just use the wrist wraps alone! Great product, better than all the gloves, wraps, chalks, etc. that I've used."
- Adam Osetek


1. Should you order the wrong size, we exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for what ever did not fit. Worry free shopping at its best!

2. NewGrips are the only workout gloves with Replacement Parts to save you money.

crossfit murph

"NewGrip has helped so much. I am able to do more reps with out
the consequence of blisters and cuts which allows me to go harder, longer
The pic shows me doing the Murph with a 15 pound vest!
(1 mile 100 pullups 200 pushups 300 squats 1 mile)"
- Danny Haines, The Stronghold , San Diego.

Crossfit Gloves without Wrist Wraps are $14.99 (order here)

Crossfit Gloves with Wrist Wraps: $27.99 a $35 value (order below)

We Pay Any Tax!

Orders are mailed out within 3 business days.

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CrossFit Training Centers: Wholesale Pricing Minimum 12 pr.

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