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NewGrip Weightlifting Gloves

NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves (Grips)

My Secret Plateau Buster
J.P. Clifford,
Author, Bodybuilder

Weight lifting gloves are essential for bodybuilding.

I found a great pair of weight lifting gloves!

Traditional weight lifting gloves have serious drawbacks. As you sweat, they trap the moisture and give you hot, uncomfortable and smelly hands. They also tend to bunch up more and more as they age.

NewGrips resolve the drawbacks of traditional gloves. They provide better hand protection, keep hands cool and don't take on odor like leather gloves.

But the really exciting part about NewGrips comes when you find out that using them actually increases your power.

You can actually lift heavier weight or squeeze out more reps.

  How? What causes failure to move heavier weight or do more reps isn't the failure of the target muscle - instead it is your grip strength!

This is true... try a pair of NewGrips and you'll be amazed at the results. They can bust you out of plateaus and help take you right past those "sticking" weights.

The more weight you are able to handle, the more muscle you will build. These Grips can actually be true difference-makers toward building muscle mass.

Check out NewGrips here.