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wrist support for guitar players
Strengthens Wrists
100% smooth woven cotton and all metal nickel plated loop. Durable. Functional. Comfortable. Virtually Indestructible. Stylish.

sore wrists - wrist support guitar players
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guitar player wrist support

How to Put on NewGrip Wrist Support

Roy Scott shows off our wrist support... sore wrists and elbow guitar playing

"I have suffered with very painful inflamed "guitar elbow" joints (both elbows), requiring lots of physiotherapy and a long rest from playing. It made sense to try your Wrist Support. I would not now play guitar without wearing your wrist straps. Highly recommended!"
- Roy Scott, U.K.

wrist brace drummers
PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER Aaron Comess: "The good news is my hand and arm are feeling much better...your wrist straps got me through some gigs when I my wrists were really hurting...I am very grateful to you for that. They are especially helpful when drumming with the Spin Doctors since I play quite a bit louder with them....thanks again..."Home Page of Aaron Comess: drummer, producer, session player

Doctor and Chiropractor Recommended


" I've been playing drums for almost 10 years and I play hard and fast. I damaged both my wrists pretty badly. I couldn't play for a year and once they felt good enough to play they'd just hurt again right after practice. With your straps I have virtually no pain and actually a lot more strength on my snare.. it's quite amazing. If you ever need to convince someone that these work, send em my way. "
- Derek Gierhan, Maine
BAND: "Subtle Star"

Cully Johnston - Grinner the Band

"Your wrist straps are awesome! I can't tell you what a relief it is to know my hands aren't going to lock up or go numb mid-show anymore."

- Cully Johnston

If you also Lift Weights, Crossfit, Row or Bike please listen to these musician...

"Thank you once for creating these great gloves. As a musician my hands are very important to me. I've used many types of gloves. Although they protected my palms; my fingers took a real beating! The soreness got to the level that I had to either quit going to gym or quite playing music. Neither appealed to me. Then, one night, I found NewGrips on the internet. After two weeks of using them, my fingers started to regain their dexterity and they're a million times more comfortable than having my hands stuffed in an old fashioned leather glove."
Jonathan Chan
A.A., Certified Paralegal, California

"Your wrist support and subsequent lack of elbow pain make it easier to crank out a bend on heavy strings and I can play longer periods.
I also use your gloves for lifting weights and indoor rowing. They're FANTASTIC: They allow me to do exercises like lat pull-downs without tearing skin off my hands on the bar. Your product lives up to its claims."
-Lucienne Roe

NewGrips with Hand Pads and Wrist Support are only

Physical Therapist Recommended:

"I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no wrist support better than yours."
- Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana

Chiroprator Recommended:

"Your wrist support offers patients a way to manage sore wrists and return to everyday activities while protecting and supporting the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. This is a breakthrough."
- Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor, Oregon

PlayStation 2 "Guitar Hero"

"I started getting carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist from playing this crazy drumming video game, PlayStation 2 "Guitar Hero". I used your wrist wraps and WOW did they ever help!!!
- George Horton, North Carolina

wrist support for guitar players by NewGrip.com

Wrist Support for
Guitar Players...

When you can't afford to miss a riff...
No product on the market compares in quality, price or performance.

The reason wrists get sore from playing is not just from over use. The root cause are the vibrations that travel up the nerve endings of your fingers and literally cause the nerves and tendons in your wrists and forearm to 'zing' and stretch out of shape.

Constant vibration causes inflammation and ache.

NewGrip Wrist Support Straps absorb vibration by comfortably compressing the wrist area and helps keep the median nerve and several tendons that control your finger movements from bulging out of shape.

The natural cellular structure of 100% cotton, with its fuzzy little ends, attracts vibration up into the wrist wrap, deflecting it from your forearms.

This makes your wrists and forearms more relaxed and stronger; allowing you to perform with more energy.
More control, comfort, endurance, and energy. Helps relieve and prevent sore wrists, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and guitar elbow!
  • fully adjustable sizing.

  • tension control for stabile, flexibleXwrists.

  • absorbs vibration - a godsend for musicians.

  • supports wrists and carpal tunnel area.

  • absorbs moisture.

  • ideal for lifting weights, drumming, guitar, piano, work, carpal tunnel, aerobics, sports or typing.

  • hand washable. color fast.

  • straps are 2" wide.

  • 100% thick comfy cotton.

  • virtually indestructible.

  • 100% Satisfaction, Money Back, Guarantee.

JF4ever's YouTube Channel, Electric Guitar Teacher

Marko Matutinovic's YouTube Channel,
Acoustic Guitar Player, Croatia

"Your product saved my guitar playing. I injured the tendons on my left wrist and couldn't play properly for 2 years, but now since using your productI am completely healed."
- Marko

Drummers use NewGrip wrist support...
sore wrists drumming
Jotan Afanador holds a World's Fastest Drummer record using Wrist Support.

The Official Wrist Straps for WFD

"Even though WFD Athletes are in TOP Physical Condition they use NewGrip Straps because they give the 'Extra Edge' in Comfort, Support, Controlled Wrist Temperature.. and besides they are just plain stylish!"
- Boo McAfee, co-inventor of the Drumometer

Visit Worlds Fastest Drummer Web Site: WFD

Visit our
Use wrist support for guitar playing for up to 90 days, and if you are not convinced that your wrists and forearms feel better and that your endurance / energy have increased, just send them back for a full refund.
—Alan Trombetta,
Owner and Product Developer
One pair of Wrist Support Straps are only $19.99 with NO tax.

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  • 100% cotton. Wash by hand and air dry.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Family run and operated.
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    guitarist with sore wrists

    Sore wrists and guitar playing seem to go hand in hand.. Here is why. Several tendons and the median nerve that run through the wrist (the carpal tunnel) inflame from over use; not unlike guitar strings that get lose from over playing. Our wrist support for guitarists keep those nerves and tendons in line; the same way a capo keeps strings in line.

    chris burkholder wears NewGrip wrist support
    "I suffered with tendonitis for about 5 months and have not been able to play without pain. My wrists were hurting so badly, I didn't think I could play any more. So, I bought your wristbands and played an entire gig, all 4 hours, with no pain or discomfort. I wear them day and night for maximum relief."
    - Chris BurkholderMotley Too...Tribute Band

       "I suffered from M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which can cause muscle pain and fatigue, but haven't had any trace of pain or recurrence of the "guitar elbow" twinges that I had before I used NewGrip wrist support." Rick Davonport, Vocals / Guitar for Seered

       "I play guitar, acoustic, classical and electric, and go 5x a week to the gym and have developed the devastating consequences of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which has thrown my routine out of kilter. But since using your wrist grips, the support they provide does away with the wrist pain and allows me total confidence to play without losing feeling in my hands. In all seriousness, if it wasn't for your straps I'm not sure if I would have a career. :-)"
    - Walid Farruque, Berlin, Ocean

    "Your wrist straps have proven to be a godsend. They enable me to play with much more comfort than I ever thought possible. The straps are a real relief tool. I owe ya. It almost seems that the tighter you pull them the better they work. This is the first weekend in a long time that I haven't felt pain and that is a big accomplishment."— Steve "Boomtap" Wurts
    Split Decision Band

    wrist support guitar Liam
    "I developed tendonitis about a year ago. I was coming to the conclusion that I would no longer be able to play. But I was really shocked at how once I used your wrist support straps I feel NO pain at all. It's incredible."
    - Liam, UK

    "Since wearing your wrist support bands I notice I am not rubbing my wrists when I finish playing and I do not have to ice them like I used to. They keep my wrists warm and snug without sweat. I am so happy now that I can play longer and not have any pain after.
    - Vee Sullivan, Florida

    Joe Guy, Guitar Player uses NewGrip Wrist Support

    "I battled several bouts with inflammation and mild tendonitis prior to using your NewGrip straps. Excitedly I now proclaim that I am simply amazed by your product and the awesome results I’ve experienced! Your straps have all but alleviated my pain, soreness, and weakness! The stamina is back! I will both promote and use your straps for years to come."

    - Joe G., Alabama

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