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Gloves for Pull Ups Chin Ups
and Pulling

the Amazing $14.99 Gloves Eliminate Chaffing and Blisters

chin up gloves

Navy Seal David Goggins Using NewGrip Crossfit Gloves to
Break World Record Pull Ups (4030)


"When I first received the new-grip I was hesitant to put it to use. I assumed that because of their simplicity they were unproductive. To my surprise they have improved my productivity with your pull-up gloves. I highly recommend them."
- Fred Lehman, Brooklyn NY
"New personal best using NewGrips this weekend: 22 Pull Ups on my first set with a total of 74 reps over 5 sets. Impossible without your product."
- John C. Horton, Information Systems Manager

"Using NewGrips my athletes were able to remain on the Chin-up bar during Hanging Hip Flexors TWICE AS LONG as before...over 30 seconds. This helps them achieve greater goals."
 -Fred Harvey, Track Coach, University of Arizona

"I walked to the back of my home gym and jumped on my pull up bar to quickly test out your product. I knew, this investment in your Grips would probably be a waste of money and I would just slip off the bar as always, but, at the very least, I would try. How wrong I was! I cranked out 10 pull ups and I was stuck to the bar. My hands felt like they were in heaven! Unbelievable! I have tried so many other ways, from chalk to leather gloves, and nothing comes close! I did not detach the pads from the straps, I merely put them far forward for the pulling motion and they worked perfectly!

- Gabriel Ortiz, lawyer

Bionic, aka Omar Torres, Using NewGrips for 100 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

< Cushions your fingers when pulling.
< Eliminates chafed skin and blisters.
< Allows you to focus on rep gain - not finger pain.

seated row pulling

Pulling with NewGrips
"NewGrips are really good... especially on those sets which requires "pulling" strength, such as seated rows, chin ups, lats pull, etc; The extra grip allows me to sneak in an additional one or two more reps. Also, during bench presses, the thicker wrist straps gave good support, giving me more confidence to concentrate on those reps."
- Alex Leong, Singapore
"NewGrips kick ass!! I had one of the best back workouts ever. I was better able to concentrate on pulling while my elbows and my hands were just latches holding the bar. Your product is well made and you obviously put a lot of time in creating them."
-Sam Kim, Illinois

"During the year I have been training with NewGrips, my pulling strength has increased by about 3x, and my pulling endurance by about 6x. I credit the NewGrips with giving me the edge that allowed me to do the hard training that increased my strength & endurance."
-Dale Elston, IBM Test Engineer, Austin, TX
"I am a hard core bodybuilder and I didn't know how well NewGrips would work for pulling. BUT they force me to use more wrist strength instead of just raw pulling power, as with traditional straps, and I don't worry about dropping the weight anymore! I had been using Harbinger gloves that also act as straps but I like yours better. NewGrips have a LOT more cushion! I'm glad I found them on the internet."
-Kenneth Shepherd, Texas
"I have been a very satisfied NewGrip user. But, after over a year of use they finally wore out and I decided to try something new. So, I bought a pair of Versa Grips. They SUCK BIG TIME. They provide no protection for my fingers, like Grips do. They actually hurt. Their straps offer no wrist support. So, I returned them. In the mean time, I'll just go bare handed until another pair of NewGrips arrive. I have learned my lesson."
Follow up report: -Kenneth Sheperd, Texas (2nd testimonial)

Pulling Gloves without Wrist Support are $14.99 (order here)

Pulling Gloves with Wrist Support: $27.99 a $35 value (order below)

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