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Gym Gloves for Vegans and Vegetarins...
heavier weight loads and more reps, without sore hands, sore wrists or blisters.

NewGrips are superior to any leather gloves because our neoprene is much tougher than leather on weight bars - generally lasting twice as long as leather gloves!

vegan weightlifting gloves
<Rugged Neoprene.
< cushions hands AND fingers.
< absorbs hand pain.
< strengthens grip, adds power.
< prevents calluses.
<No part of the bar touches your hand.


Vegan Bodybuilding
"To test NewGrip gym gloves I put one on one hand and my old weight lifting glove on the other. Result? NewGrips add more support with superior comfort. Here is why. When you lift heavy weights you want to make sure your muscles fatigue before your grip fails. Using NewGrips my muscles are being trained to their full potential. I now recommend them on my web site."
— Robert Cheeke, World's Most Recognized Vegan Bodybuilder

 weight lifting gloves for vegansCUSTOM FIT
<100% Cotton Wrist Support Straps.
<Pads attach to the wrist straps with velcro.
<Adjustable to custom fit your unique hand shape and wrist size.
<will not stain skin or take on odors.
<Open back insures cool hands.

"I'm vegan, so finding non-leather gym gloves is a big benefit for me. However, leather or not, NewGrips are great additions to my workout, and my calloused hands thank you!"
—Gabriel J., Texas

"Your hand grips outperform any glove I have used by far. The neoprene is superior in cushion, support, and durability to leather gloves. Regarding performance, I can work the muscles on which I am isolating longer because the grips reduce (in some cases eliminate) hand pain. I doubt I'll ever buy another pair of leather gloves."
-Michael Davis, Georgia
Suzette Andrea - Vegan bodybuilder
Photo by:

"I always feel like my wrists are going to break every time I lift, so the wrist straps have helped a great deal. And, like most people, I often grip the weights too much, to the point where my knuckles are white (which, as we all know, eludes to the fact that I'm not working my targeted muscles as much as my knuckles). Using Grips this no longer happens. Also, I am a Vegan, so the fact that I am not buying a carcus feels good too. You have done yourself well, NEW GRIP!"
- Suzette Andrea

wrist support straps<Fully adjustable sizing
<Stabilizes wrist tendins
<Prevents residual wrist asche
<Hand washable
<2" wide
<100% comfy cotton
No more wrist ache.

<The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Straps with velcro.
<Adjust them 'longer' for pulling and 'shorter' for lifting and pushing.
<Adjust them to custom fit your unique hand shape.
> No more poor fitting gloves!<

"We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like they were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!

neoprene gloves

Contours to your hand and the weight bar.

>CUSTOMER SERVICE: Should you order the wrong size, I will exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for whatever did not fit. Worry free shopping.


weight lifting gloves Your hands are always open to fresh air.
You can slip your hands in and out from under the elastic instantly.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida

"If you do not increase your reps, weight loads and comfort level while at the same time eliminating sore hands, wrist fatigue and calluses; just send them back for a 100% refund. You are free to use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if you are not totally convinced that you don't need them anymore... send them back."
—Alan Trombetta
owner and product developer
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VALUE? $100's. If these reports only provide one helpful tip each, the price NewGrips has been more than paid for.

>NewGrips are a great value...
"At the gym yesterday and I saw some guys putting on the workout gloves that I used to wear and thought how happy I was to have discovered NewGrips and no longer had to deal with leather gloves anymore. "
-Ed Carron, New Jersey

"Best Gloves on the Market.
This order is for my second pair."
-Michael Vasiliou, New York

"How refreshing... a product that delivers what's advertised. NewGrips are superior to traditional weightlifting gloves."
-John Nichols, Maryland
  • will not get brittle, loose its shape or take on odors.
  • hold up to shape edged weight bars.

  • Orders are mailed out within 3 business days.

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