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Hello Alan,

You asked why I ordered 4 more pair of your wrist support straps.

I've been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome for a LONG time.

Since having CTS I've been a fan of following product: ACE brand woven wrist brace; except that the fabric loses it's elasticity very quickly

I'm a big fan of Fleetwood Mac and I noticed that Mick Fleetwood uses wrist supports when drumming. So I did some investigating and looked up various products available to those who suffer like I do. Some kind of product more durable than those ACE supports that I buy at Rite-Aid.

So I came across your product. I've tried many many products... produced by top brand companies but none really did the job. I looked at your product via the web site, and thought, Hey these just might do it. They look cool to wear and they are made in the USA.

My mother suffers as well (she works as a clerk for the US Postal Service and uses those same ACE bandages as I do). Right after using your product only a few times I had to give up one and give it to her. So two of the four new pair are for her.

I detail and wash my car every weekend, but since using only the remaining strap on my right hand I needed to find a back-up for my left hand, so I turned to my old ACE wrist support... What a mistake that was!

Alan, I gotta tell you what a difference! from your product to what I was using. Right hand no pain; even felt a little stronger, Left hand sore and hurting; the ACE wrist brace went straight into the trash can.

I'm a loyal consumer to a product that I feel will helps bring a little joy to my life; without pain at least for a little while.

(To bad I can't have them embroidered with Fleetwood Mac. That would just be too cool.)

You have made me a happy camper. I can't thank you enough!

You make a great product! Keep up the excellent job! And keep me in mind when you come out with more wrist products.


Erika D. Gomez

"I waitress part time and full time sales..typing a lot. Concerning your Wrist Support. When I put them about 2 inches above my wrists I can move my fingers better and my wrist isn't sore anymore. I wear both of them. What really makes me happy is that even though there still is some stiffness...the soreness and redness is gone. ACE bandage only irritated it more plus customers noticed that ugly thing and with your neat little wrist grips..no one says anything...(they probably think they are one of my styles). Either way I love yours and that is why I am ordering another set. Oh, another thing. I did fall asleep with them on and when I woke up I noticed that my hands felt better. You have a wonderful product"
- Mary L., Wisconsin


"If after using our wrist support brace for 90 days they are not
making your wrists feel better, just return them for a full refund."
-Ryan Sollee,
Product Manager