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everything you need to earn 35% per pair...

NewGrip now has 173 Affiliates.

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...the big advantages of joining the NewGrip program:

FIRST:>>This is the first brand of weight lifting gloves with its own affiliate program.

>Since most of your visitors and customers Lift Weights, practice CrossFit, Row, or are Musicians who need wrist protection, they will appreciate knowing about our products.

Benefits for teaming up:

1. Confidence NewGrips have been sold on the internet since 1995 and have a great reputation and customer satisfaction.

2. Excellent commissions: 35%. 35% again for every reorder from the same customer.
That is $10 / set of NewGrips, $7 / set of Wrist Wraps and $15 per set of ThickGrips.
3. Speedy order fulfillment: Grips are mailed out within 3 business days so your customers will receive their NewGrip product soon after they order.

4. Risk Free ordering: Your customers get a Full 90 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

5. You Receive an Order Confirmation by email for each purchase.

6. Cookies can remain active for up to 30 days. If the customer reorders directly from, and not through your site, you will still get a second commission. Is that cool or what?

7. Superb Customer Service. For instance, if an order for NewGrips does not fit properly we exchange them FREE of charge. Even better, we send your customer a postage paid return envelope for the pair that did not fit. This is one of the best exchange policies on the entire Internet for any product or service.

8. SUPPORT: You get free access to promotional ideas for e-mail campaigns, banner ads, text links and a super product review... to help target the needs of your web site visitors. (See left nav bar for all key pages.)

9. BONUS OFFER: $12.50 to $25.00 saving.
As of way of saying thanks for teaming up with me and to be certain that you have first hand experience using Grips, you may order 1 or 2 pair for personal use and product testing for 1/2 of our regular price of $27.99 = $12.50 per pair. A $12.50 per pair savings. After you sign up you will be given the URL to this special order page. This Special Offer may be used ONLY ONCE.

If you do not find what you need I will customize a program or page just for you.
Let me know and I will set it up.

11. You are free to create your own marketing ideas, web pages, text links, etc.... just link them to your I.D. codes.


1. Most customers and visitors of your web site want the best hand protection, no more chaffed skin, blisters and better grip; without grip fatigue and wrist ache.

2. Because NewGrips pad palms and finger joints
users get more reps out of every set.

3. Grips are tough on the bar - easy on your hands.

In short, everyone needs a NewGrip on their workout!

When Al Vaughan, 2003, U.S. Nationals, All Natural Grand Master, said,
"If you are not using NewGrips you are not lifting to your potential." He meant it.

He calls NewGrips "The most valuable thing you can add to your routine."

In fact, most users of NewGrips are able to immediately increase weight loads the very first time using them.

Amazing. But true.

7. While leather gloves can be a tug of war putting on and taking off NewGrips
go on and off in an instant.

And there is more.

8. The next big advantage of neoprene Grips over leather gloves is that between sets you can slip your hands out of NewGrips instantly for a faster cool down. Try taking leather gloves off between every set... it is just not possible.

Compare neoprene Grips to leather Gloves and Dare to Compare.

Sign up is easy. Approval is fast. Earning extra money is just a few clicks away.
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