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NewGrip Gloves Prevent, Stop and Heal
Blisters and Calluses ...
or your money back!

"No Blisters after 4,140 Pull Ups"
Kyle Gurkovitch,
2014 World Record Holder for Pull Ups

lifting gloves stop calluses and blisters

 Prevents Blisters
 No part of the bar
chafes your hands
lifting gloves prevent blisters and calluses

 Pads Fingers & Palms
 Hands Stay Cool
 Easy On & Off
 Stabilzes Wrists
Calluses are areas of skin that grow thick in response to repeated pressure and friction. Calluses can hurt, break open and bleed. Worse, no one likes shaking hands that are calloused or being touched by them.

If you have Calluses or Blisters NewGrips will bring healing:

"I have never used a product that better protects the hands against calluses, blisters, tendinitis, and wrist over strain."
-Doug Casey, LMT, Massage Therapist at the 96' Olympic Games 

"I'm a nurse practitioner and rely on my hands to assess patients. I have no calluses thanks to NewGrips. I LOVE how they relieve pressure and tension from my fingers, allowing me to use more weight and not be limited by weakness or pain in my hands and fingers. I will be life-long user of New Grips!"
- Kathy Patterson, North Carlolina

"I work out frequently (3 x a week). Wrist pain was the first thing to go. Weight loads went up, and my blisters and calluses are gone."
- Emile Tonos, Dominican Republic

How Do NewGrips Help?
NewGrips protect your hands, palms, and finger joints with over 3/16" of pressure absorbent neoprene which prevents the weight bar from twisting and chaffing against any part of your palms or fingers.

"Best of all no calluses. My hands look great. My girl friend is happy!"
-Matt Worley, Viginia

"The neoprene cushion effectively protects my palms - and after just 3 workouts, calluses are healing! Gripping bars is no longer a question of squeezing till I'm blue in the face!"
- Mike Kaladeen, Oxford University, England

Use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if you are not convinced that you need them just send 'em back for a refund.

One pair of neoprene NewGrips are only $27.99.

  • Unlike leather gloves, non-leather NewGrips are not bulky, will not get brittle, stain or stink up your hands.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Family run business.

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    for quick relief:

    Grip, Hold and Lift
    squeezing so hard.

    In between sets, slip your hands out of the elastic straps of NewGrips and rub your calluses gently, while pushing them down into the skin. This will help them fade away quickly.

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