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Using NewGrip Hand Pads with Forearm Braces...

"In August I contacted you asking whether the grip pads would work for my purpose. As discussed, I've been an amputee for 32 years and use forearm crutches in order to move around.

I've used weight-lifting gloves in the past when I needed to walk any distance at all. Even with traditional leather gloves, I still would get blisters and calluses on the palms of my hands and usually had to curtail my walking because it was too painful.

At the time we spoke, I was planning a trip through Europe and expected to have to walk long distances. I was worried about how well my hands would hold up. I ordered a pair of your Grips and you asked that I let you know how they worked.

I am VERY HAPPY to report that NewGrips worked extremely well. I returned after three weeks and probably close to 10 miles of walking with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I got no blisters, have no calluses and am ready to walk another 10 miles!

Once I figured out the correct positioning on my palm the Grips were easy to use and a lot less cumbersome than gloves.

I'm sold and a happy new customer. I don't know how long these grips will last, but you can rest assured that I'll be ordering replacements from you again if need be. Thank you."
- JoAnn Hurtt, California