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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Whether Novice or Pro grips will make it easier to lift weights and reach your fitness goals. Our youngest known customer in 12 years old and the oldest is in his 80's.

Yes. Grips absorb pressure. Most machines require pushing and pulling which place the pressure in your palms or finger joints. And unlike leather gloves Grips cover your entire palm and fingers when pulling or pushing. Guaranteed comfort. And naturally Grips are ideal for free-weights because they prevent both the hardness of the metal bars and their roughness from tearing up your skin.

It depends upon how hard you workout:

"I'm sure they last longer for most people but i lift heavy and go through a pair every 3-4 months... but they're worth the cost of replacing! Thanks for such a great product!"
-Eugene K.

 This is my second pair. My first pair that I bought a couple of years ago are finally worn out. This is a great product. 
-Chris Lindauer, Texas

"I have used every type of weight lifting glove before I settled and stayed with NewGrips. This order is for my 5th pair."
-Chris Jamias, California

"My first pair of Grips lasted 3 years! I like that my hands do not get sweaty as they did in traditional gloves and there is much better hand padding. I bench 105 lbs which is just under my body weight. Its a lot of pressure on my hands... which Grips relieve."
-Judy Ohara, California
Generally men who lift heavy 3-5 times per week get 9 - 15 months out of a set of hand pad.

Men who lift less often or less heavy will often get 12-24 months out of one set.

Women almost always get more than 18 months out of a set.

Rowers average 12 months and more.

Cyclists easily more than 12 months out of a set.

HOW TO GET LONG LIFE from the Hand Pads
While the wrist support wraps are nearly indestructible the hand pads are not. The pads take all the abuse so they will either wear thin or tear. But unlike conventional leather gloves they will never dry out, get brittle or stink.

To insure long life for the pads NEVER pull or yank them off of the wrists wraps.... ALWAYS lift them off, as shown...

Super Glue can repair most small tears in the Hand Pads.

The NewGrip is proudly Made in the USA, by conscientious workers. All materials are Made in America. Grips are individually hand sewn in Portland Oregon. My home office is in Vancouver, Washington.

WHY $27.99?
Compared to traditional leather gloves, which can cost from $10 to $15 for cheap and up to $43.99 for the most expensive Harbinger gloves, NewGrips are a bargin.

So, let me repeat our PERFORMANCE / BENEFIT promise:

"If you do not increase your reps, weight loads and comfort level while at the same time eliminating sore hands, wrist fatigue and calluses; just send them back for a 100% refund. You are free to use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if you are not totally convinced that you don't need them anymore... send them back. Return postage as of July, 2007 is $1.31 for size Small and Medium, $1.48 for Large."

Grips are the World's Only Fully Adjustable Workout Gloves! Both the hand pads and wrist straps are adjustable and allow you to custom fit them to your unique hand size and grip style. This is a breakthrough. No leather glove can do this. There is a Grip for petite women under 5'2" and tall men over 6'5".

Click here for Size Chart.

Each product in the NewGrip line includes complete easy to use instructions and user tips.

Hand pads are black. Wrist straps are black, heavy duty, woven cotton.

Here is direct customer feedback:
"The two-piece system is a big plus, both for me and my clients.
1.) Allows for precision adjustment: personally, I slide the hand pad up and to the side to get that perfect fit.

2.) We can take the strap off completely: for wrist curls and other forearm work, this is a big help. Otherwise, the straps may restrict the range of motion. Also, some clients prefer not to use the wrist straps at all during pull-ups, pull-downs and shrugs,"

-Peter Bell, Personal Trainer, Santa Monica, CA

"I think the 2 part system is great. I like the separate pieces because you can wash the wrist straps and no, the two pieces have never separated during any of my clients, or my, rigorous workouts. This might happen only if you attach the velcro to close and tight, right up against the gripper part, so there is no slack between your hands and your wrist."
-Michael Levenson, Personal Trainer, NYC

"The only time that the hand pad tries to come off of the wrist wrap is when I get my grip wrong,"
-Dale Elston, IBM Applications Engineering & Heavy Lifter, Texas.

"I never take them apart. I adjusted them to my hand size and grip style when I received them and have not taken them apart since. I use them quite a bit. They are really durable. I like them much better than standard gloves,"
-Mike Adelmann, New York

"I prefer the 2 piece system over a one piece glove. The 2 piece system allows the user to make adjustments. Thus far the hand pads and wrist straps have not come apart along the velcro."
-Bruce Pearlman, Arizona
MORE about the 2 Part System

Hands get sweaty trapped inside of standard leather gloves with constricting finger holes, so we eliminated them.

Instead, we added a small 'over the back of the fingers elastic strap' that does not confine or constrict your fingers. The huge benefit of this is that as soon as you release your grip from the weight bar fresh air circulates between the pads and your hands.

Hands stay cool and fresh rather than hot and sweaty like when using leather gloves.

You will notice a much faster cool down between sets.

YES. You can put on and take NewGrips off in an instant. Whether you currently workout with gloves or bare hands, your instinct has been to over squeeze the weight bar in an attempt to keep it from slipping and torquing in your hand. This is what causes calluses, grip fatigue, bruised finger joints and over strained wrists! Using NewGrips you do not have to squeeze as hard any more. This keeps you focused on fitness gain not hand strain.

"I tried the NewGrips at the gym and what a difference in my reps! I was able to do more and be more comfortable even though they weren't broken in yet. Slipping them on and off while doing different workouts was so simple and easy. Well, I'm hooked and will be recommending them to others."
- Doug O., California Surfer

WHAT DO YOU MEAN by "Worlds Most Versatile Gloves"?
NewGrips are the Worlds Most Versatile Gloves because they can be adjusted to custom fit your unique hands and wrists and further adjusted to meet the needs of each exercise.Please see this page

It is very durable and flexible closed cell dense neoprene. IT will out-last leather gloves 3-5 times - which saves you lots of money. It will hold up to rough edged, knurled, weight bars. The material will not stain your skin; nor absorb moisture; nor end up stinky like leather does; nor loose its compression. CONTAINS NO LEATHER. Safe for Vegans. The material is only Made in the USA.

Fully adjustable and made of 100% absorbent cotton they provide a comfortable fit. They can also be tightened down for firm wrist support and then loosened in an instant for a relaxed feel. They can also be used separately with cardio work, tennis, racquetball, basketball, jogging, etc.. Our wrist grips may well be the world's best wrist support.

WILL THEY STOP CALLUSES? Absolutely. NewGrips provide a cushioned safety barrier between your hand and the friction caused by bars and handles. No more friction - no more calluses! Old, ugly, calluses will fade away and new ones will never start. Hands stay smooth.

>>>In between every set slip your hands outside of the elastic straps and gently rub and push down on the callus area. This will help insure that your skin stays smooth and callus free.

YES. Pinched skin can damage both rings and your skin. Worry no more. Grips solve this problem! Your fingers and rings are safely cushioned from damage.

YES. It gets better! If you take a look at your hand, at eye level, you will notice that it is not a flat surface. Notice the ridges, protruding finger joints, and the high and low areas of your palms. This uneven surface forces the weight bar to not only sit uneven, but these high areas are forced to absorb the heavy pressure of the weight bar; to say nothing of sharp edged metal bars or poorly padded equipment handles. What our Grip pads do is provide a more leveled gripping surface so that the pads take the pressure and punishment and free your hands to focus on grip quality instead of pain management. No glove or bare hand has ever gripped as concisely as the NewGrip. You get a better balanced bar with proper energy distribution and improved rep quality.

First of all Grips give you better bar control. You should be able to do more pull ups! Pull downs involve several issues.

1. Do you use proper form or are you one of those guys who leans back and tries to pull down the entire weight stack? The first guy will love NewGrips because he gets a more comfortable, less pain filled grip with improved focus. The other guy might still require straps. Pulling in this manner is a main cause of wrist, shoulder and back injuries. We strongly suggest you use proper form in all your lifts and never do more than what you are able. The price for over- straining your body is simply not worth it.

2. Gripping the pull down bar also depends on whether the handle grips are metal or padded. NewGrips excel on metal surfaces because they are seldom moist or slick; whereas padded handles get slick and are often left moist from the last user.

3. Sometimes you can get a better grip if you detach the Hand Pads from the wrist straps and place them on the bar exactly where you need them most. This way you can pad your palms and finger joints effectively.

When doing chin-ups separate the pads from the wrist support straps. Also, twist the straps around your wrists so that the velcro cannot stick to the hands pads.

Then you will be able to place more padding to cushion your fingers for great chins.
This will also relieve some stress on your wrists when doing chin-ups.

Sometimes this same method also works with heavy shrugs.
Otherwise always wear the straps as tightly as is comfortable and wear the pads attached to them for everything else.
If before using NewGrips you had sore wrists then you should wear the wrist straps even when not lifting weights. This will improve the blood circulation to the area and help them feel better.

There are several reasons. The padded handles on most equipment get slick and saturated with the hand oils and moisture left behind by other users. Thus, there is an oil - water barrier to overcome. There is no solution accept to wipe those handles off with a degreaser.

Having a small towel handy helps. You can wipe the handles, the pads and your hands.

Next, if you use hand lotion or cream you should wash it off completely; as a slippery grip will result.

On the other hand, Grips and Free Weights were made for one another.

Switching over to equipment with metal bars or handles, cables, etc. will not only eliminate the slip but improve your over all workout.

Using dumbbells and free weights brings into play more muscle fiber throughout your entire body.


Barbell rows should work great with NewGrips.. just be certain to adjust the hand pads so that your fingers and finger tips are cushioned by the pad material. See here


As for heavy back work you may prefer your old lifting straps. However, as you know, using straps allows you to 'cheat' on the exercise because they allow you to 'yank' on the bar and pull more weight than is possible with proper form. Yanking can cause a wrist, shoulder or back injury. Using NewGrips you may not be able to pull such heavy weight but your form will be greatly improved, your grip will be stronger, your hand pain will virtually disappear and as a result you will be able to more effectively target and build the muscles you are training. Visit Strength Training and scroll down to the pic of someone doing pull downs. Read the next 4 testimonials about lifting straps / back work / shrugs.


As you know dead lifts and shrugs can really hurt your wrists and fingers.
To prevent this you need: 1. good grip and 2. padded fingers.

Greg Adler, who is featured on my home page, uses the hand pads alone, unattached to the wrist straps. This allows the pads to stay in his finger joints longer. Whereas when they are attached to the wrist straps then tendance toward sliding upward as you lift the bar.

Here is how to Dead Lift using NewGrips:
> Firm up the wrist straps but do not attach the hand pads.
>Use the pads SEPARATELY.
> Place the hand pad material so that it is hanging at least 1/2 inch over the edge of your finger tips. This will create a 'saddle' for the weight bar which strengthens your grip.
> When finished, reattach the pads to the straps and move on to the next part of your routine.
> Using this method Adler is able to lift heavier loads.


One method that may help you reduce the forearm strain (tendonitis) is to consider shortening your range of motion during ANY exercise that involves forearms.

In general as you reduce the range of motion for any exercise you reduce the involvement of joints, support muscles and tendons that can easily get over stretched/strained from trying to support the weight too far out in front of you. It stands to reason that the greater the range of motion the greater the likelihood that some muscle/tendon/nerve will get bent out of shape and yell PAIN!

SOLUTION: keep the weight closer to your body by reducing the range of motion.

80% of all germs are transmitted via the hands! Working out bare handed or using gloves, with exposed fingers, puts you in direct contact with the sweat and germs left behind by others. Yuck! But not to worry. NewGrips put a protective barrier between you and those unwanted germs. You will no longer have to touch un-hygienic, moist, sticky and sweaty equipment handles!
VISIT our page about Germs in the Gym


Both hand pads and wrist straps are hand washable with a couple of drops of liquid soap. Air dry or pat dry with a towel. Lysol can be sprayed on the pads. Air dry for 10 minutes to disinfect.

For most users NewGrips wick-away sweat. The fingerless design is the reason. (see 1. below)

However, some people (my wife included) have sweatier palms than others.
But Grips keep her hands cool and comfy.

The best way to reduce or eliminate sweaty palms is this:

1. In between every set slip your hands out from under the elastic straps. This allows cool air to circulate and evaporate sweat.

2. Use a gym towel or your t-shirt/pants to dry your hands.

3. Apply anti-perspirant to the palms.

4. While the pads are away from your hands rub on your callus points, pushing them down; this will keep your hands callus free.

5. Apply chalk, as do gymnasts (many facilities do not allow chalk).

6. Do not begin the next set until your hands are cooled down and moisture free. (It could also be that you are working out to quickly and preventing proper cool down between sets).

7. If sweat is still an issue try wearing a pair of leather gloves or light cotton gloves under NewGrips; which will absorb sweat. This should solve the problem.

Here are two websites with good advice:
Sweaty palms: A possible remedy?!
How to prevent sweaty palms

YES. Anyone who has difficulty gripping, whether from age, arthritis, injury, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. will get better, safer, workouts using NewGrip. It reduces the amount of force needed to hold an object. Let Grips absorb the pain - not you.
Visit these pages Hands, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow.


1. If either the wrist straps or hand pads do not properly fit we will exchange them free of charge by sending you a pre-paid return envelope. Just send me an E-mail to Ryan describing the problem and I will get the new items in the mail within two business days.

2. REMEMBER: Many new items, like shoes for instance, need some breaking in. Because NewGrips are different than gloves they may also need breaking in to feel comfortable. That is why we give you 90 Days to try them before you decide to keep them. (See GUARANTEE, next.)

YES. If you are unsatisfied with the performance of NewGrips you have 90 days to return them for a refund. (Postage not refundable). We encourage you to freely use them. The more they are used the more they become indispensable. Fewer then 1 in 500 pair are returned. To return a pair visit Guarantee ]

"Let Grips take the punishment -
not your hands!"

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