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best weightlifting gloves - neoprene
Neoprene NewGrips
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best weight lifting gloves - leather
Leather Gloves

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"NewGrips came exceed your claims. No more trying to readjust the grip mid rep or having to stop a set to take a better hold. Especially noticable in dips and in chins where it is easy to 'pinch' the skin. More reps and weight on other movements and heavy deadlifts (almost) a pleasure!

I recommend NewGrips as a big advance in your ability to train for such a modest outlay! "
- Cheers Allan Russell, UK

"NewGrips are fantastic. Have had them for a year and a half now and they look almost brand new; even after washing them a few times with disinfectant. They work great, especially when using a hook grip. The only problem for you is that it might be a long while until they're ready for replacement, haha."
- Francis Lim, Sydney Australia

"Been using your gloves for a year and they still do not have any tears. They're probably the best and most affordable lifting gloves in the market. I don't think any one would go back to use Harbinger gloves if they try yours."
- Simon Kim, South Korea

"I will never wear a regular pair of leather gloves again! You have ruined me for life (in a good way). Thanks for the best gloves I have ever used for lifting!"
- Rob Hector, Vancouver, BC

"When my Pro Model NewGrips arrived I used them the same day."Impressed" does not sum it up. It was like a light bulb going off...You really kind of reinvented the wheel, you know. They almost seemed too good to be true! And that is why I reordered so quickly. When I find a product I like, I stock up. They are also used for cycling. Needless to say, I love your product."
- Craig Holbrook, Massachusetts

"Leather lifting gloves do not allow the hand to attain a natural gripping position like the NewGrip neoprene pads do. I work out with very heavy weights. In every case, the NewGrip pads allow me to maintain a comfortable, strong grip around the bar and thus, allow me to focus on my form and procedures during lifting. I routinely hammer curl using 65 pound dumbbells. NewGrips keep the weight centered in my hand every time. A simple invention with amazing uses and solutions!"
- Eric Nagle
"Just wanted to say the new pad material does have a stronger, more cushioned feel. My training buddy and I are seeing strength gains after only few training session's. The grip on the bar gives a greater confidence to lift more and push yourself harder. Great product. My only regret is that I didn't find them sooner!"
- Keith Fordyce, Canterbury England

"I was pleasantly surprised when I tried my NewGrip out for the first time. I increased my bench press max by 40 lbs during my first workout! I can't believe how much less strain I feel on my hands and wrists! What a wonderful product! 100 times better than the Valeo and Harbinger weight lifting gloves I have! I used to do heavy lifting when I was in high school (close to 10 years ago). I had been trying to get back into a new weight lifting regiment, but had experienced lots of pain in my hands and wrists. After putting your product to the test, I experienced no pain or soreness during or after the workout."
-Daniel Sbar, New Jersey

"WOW! These gloves are amazing. The first time I used them with a light back work out I was satisfied, but when I used them for my chest workout the next day I was shocked! I was able to add 10 pounds onto my REPPING weight with ease! I just wanted to thank for such a great product, they don't look like much but these are by far the best gloves I've ever used!"
- Dave Solomon, California

" When I was purchasing gloves it was between newgrips and gorilla grips. I decided to go with the newgrips because they've been around longer (more reviews), and had neoprene padding as opposed to leather which I believe keeps your hands dryer. I will admit the gorilla grips do look cool but we're not trying to win a beauty contest. I couldn't be happier with newgrips. Plus it's nice knowing others have had their same pair for 3+ years."
Posted on Forum

"These are the best gloves I've ever used.I have no idea why anyone would want to use leather gloves ever again."
- Roy Hansel, New Jersey

"One of the great inventions of all time!"
- Robin Wolfson, California

" At first it took a while to get use to them, but I found that re-reading the instructions on the different type of grips helped me learn and adjust. Using your gloves one can really lift more weight (securely) and not endure aching hands and wrists during or after. I will be recommending your product to everyone. You should license this to Sports Authority or Nike!"
- Stephen Haley, Atlanta, GA

" Not another cookie cutter glove. NewGrips are out-of-the-box thinking."
-Nathan Shapiro, New York

"The invention is ingenious!! The comfort in ones hands is remarkable."
- Neil M. Harris, Massachusetts

"I have been trying your PowerPads out the last couple of days and all I can say is, FANTASTIC!!! They are definitely better than weight lifting gloves. Thank you for a great product and my hands thank you as well."
- T. Wallace, Washington

"I have been using NewGrips for over 3 weeks now and they are by far one of the best gloves I have used in over 8 years of experience. I workout 6 days a week and have used the New Grips for all of my workouts and have noticed a marked increase in the amount of weight I push on every exercise as well as the number of reps. Awesome product!"
- Umesh Lakshman, California

"I'm ordering only one week after getting my first pair of NewGrips because after doing only a couple of sets with them I knew I wanted to have another pair on hand. You have made a very good product."
- Carlos T., Maryland

"I can say with near certainty that this is the best weightlifting glove/grip/strap product I have ever used. Being able to squeeze the bar to get that last little extra burst of power has been great, and the improved grip strength has really helped my progress and kept my hands soreness-free."
-Dan Radin, Massachuecetts

"NewGrips are the most comfortable gloves I have ever used. I used to wear the Harbinger wrist wrap gloves, but the NewGrips are much more comfortable - and breathable. Thanks,
- SFC Eric Early, U.S. Army Reserves, Kuwait

"I am a hardcore bodybuilder. NewGrips have a LOT more cushion than Harbinger gloves."
-Kenneth Shepherd, Texas

"I used to use Harbinger lifting gloves until I experienced pain in my hands and wrists while lifting. Then I came across NewGrip. But before I mention lifting benefits, I must also focus on Alan's customer support. When, I first ordered the wrist supports, I got the wrong size. But I didn't have to worry because of Alan's guarantee. He sent out a new pair the next day. His customer support should be emulated by other big name companies!
Now to the lifting benefits. I've been using the grips for just over a week and have already noticed a difference. I've curled, benched, and dead lifted more than I've done in my past 4 months of true lifting. The Harbingers I used before this cannot even be compared in terms of comfort and protection, and at almost the same price as NewGrips. Thanks Alan and NewGrip!!!"
- Gary V. - New York

"With Grips I can lift harder and longer. My arms and upper body are more cut, probably due to improved technique enabled by your product. Now, I have to return those Saranac gloves to Big 5..."
-Michael Shibata, California

"I am a very satisfied NewGrip user. But, after over a year of use they finally wore out and I decided to try something new. So, I bought a pair of Versa Grips. They SUCK BIG TIME. They provide no protection for my fingers, like Grips do. They hurt. Their straps offer no wrist support. So, I returned them. In the mean time, I'll just go bare handed until another pair of NewGrips arrive. I have learned my lesson."
-Kenneth Sheperd, Texas

"I have been lifting since 1996, and for several years was a powerlifter. Using conventional gloves, I always had calluses and sometimes the gloves would bunch up under the bar and pinch my skin. I put up with these inconveniences (among others) because I felt I had no other choices. Then I started using NewGrips and noticed a huge difference in comfort and grip. My skin no longer gets pinched, my calluses are almost gone, and there is a nice cushion between my hand and the bar. I will NEVER go back to conventional gloves. "
- Julia H., Maryland

"Grips outperform any glove I have used by far. The neoprene is superior in cushion, support, and durability to leather gloves. Regarding performance, I can work muscles longer as Grips reduce hand pain. I doubt I'll ever buy another pair of leather gloves."
-Michael Davis, Georgia

"What I don't like about using NewGrips is nothing. I use them everyday with no problems. The pair I bought a few years ago have survived an onslaught of punishment, and now I can't live without them. They're easy to put on and more importantly easy to get off, which with typical leather gloves seem to be another workout; because sweaty hands and workout gloves don't make a good combination! With Grips you don't even feel the bar. I have no sore or hard skin on my hands anymore. The weights I lift are now much heavier due to your gloves giving grip and protection to my hands. After the amount of time I have spent using NewGrips I've come to the conclusion: "If you don't use NewGrips then you aren't taking your training seriously." Thanks again for this brilliant invention."
- Bartholomew Judge, England

"This last pair NewGrips have lasted two years. I cant think of anything else that I use nearly everyday and that has lasted me two years, especially under the stress they take. It's depressing when NewGrips come to the end of their life because I get so attached to them. It's like losing a friend. Your gloves are that effective."
-Bartholomew Judge, England

"I can not imagine using anything else -- leather lifting gloves simply pale in comparison. I love the extra coverage at the base of the thumb. A lot of times that area would be exposed and grind against the bar or edge of the dumbbell plates, but now even that is not a problem."
-Frank Longo, NYC

"I LOVE THEM!!!! These are the best weight lifting gloves I've ever used.They allowed me to lift heavier. And they're so comfortable. I am psyched about these gloves!!"
-Louise Miller, Rhode Island

"After using neoprene NewGrips for several months I like them so much that I'm surprised old style lifting gloves still exist!"
-Manoel Penna, California

" I've been lifting for over 20 years. NewGrips are by far the best gloves I've ever owned. Thanks for a great design."
Fred Talisman, Marina Del Rey, CA

"The only thing I regret it that I don't know you personally: because I would loved to be your partner - these mitts will rock the lifting world. I have used many leather gloves but none have impressed me like Grips. Comfort and genius is all that comes to mind. "
- Barry A Peralta, Miami.

"NewGrips kick ass!! I had one of the best back workouts ever. I was better able to concentrate on pulling while my elbows and my hands were just latches holding the bar. Your product is well made and you obviously put a lot of time in creating them."
-Sam Kim, Illinois

" Definitely the best weight lifting gloves I've used in the last 20 years."
- Oleg Vydykhan, Canada

"NewGrips are all you said they are! My neuromuscular disease (non wheel chair MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY) causes my very "unmuscled" hands to feel pain from the weight on my hands. NewGrips completely eliminate this problem. As a result, I'm able to crank out a couple more reps. Thanks a million, Alan! Your creation is the best!"
- Conway Policastro, New Jersey

"Grips are great. I would never use any other glove! I can handle appropriate weight without the dreaded 'scrunched palm'"
- Joyce Wagner, Florida

"NewGrips are far better than any other weight glove that I have used."
- Brian Clegg, New Jersey

"I'm a physical therapist with arthritis and, I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no product better than yours. Again, thanks!"
— Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana

"The wrist support is the best I have ever felt in a glove."
-Jason Rollo, U.S. Navy, Persian Gulf

"Newgrips are so much better than gloves. The thickness, cushioning and great ventilation really makes a difference in daily workouts."
- Pawel Wiechowski, Sweden

"My first pair of Grips lasted 3 years! I like that my hands do not get sweaty as they did in traditional gloves and there is much better hand padding. I bench 105 lbs which is just under my body weight. Its a lot of pressure on my hands... which Grips relieve."
-Judy Ohara, California

"I have used every type of weightlifting glove before I settled and stayed with NewGrips. This order is for my 5th pair."
-Chris Jamias, California

"This is my second pair. My first pair that I bought a couple of years ago are finally worn out. This is a great product."
-Chris Lindauer, Texas

"I will definitely not go back to using leather gloves!"
-Larry Garrision, Maryland

"Looking to get my third pair of your awesome gloves for weightlifting."
- Tony Serro, Lousiana

"They are 10 times easier to wear than leather gloves, they don't turn my hands black or make them stink, and they keep my hands much cooler."
-SGT Beth Covais, US Army

"Having worn every kind of glove over the last 13 years, nothing is easier to get your hands out of in the middle of a workout than NewGrips,(to cool them off or increase your dexterity for writing, etc.)."
-Mike Osborne, California

"The adjustability and versatility of the grip made these the most user friendly gloves I have ever used."
- Mike Kaladeen, Oxford University, England

"I will continue to recommend your grips to fellow gym rats. It's nice to know that I don't have to go back to gloves."
-Ernie Razzano, New Jersey

"NewGrips are the best weight lifting gloves!! I work out four times a week and I put them through a severe test. They give me a powerful grip which help me lift more. I like the open palm that lets my hands breathe. I have tried all types of lifting gloves and these are the BEST."
-Alan Fernandez, New Mexico

"I have been using your great new grip gloves for about two years and one of the palm pads ripped. I work out 5 days a week. I love your product but I'm in a bind and the gloves I'm wearing are killing my forearms and my fingertips. Please get me a new pair quickly!!! New grip user for life."
-Scott Hammond, Washington

"They're so cool and comfortable. After using NewGrips you'll have to find another use for your old gloves! They are all you need for successful training. Now when I see people wearing gloves it doesn't make sense to me anymore!"
-Mario Montambeault, Quebec

"Here's a "girlie" bonus:I can wear my wedding ring comfortably while wearing NewGrips which is something I couldn't do wearing gloves. My hands breath better as well. You have an outstanding product"
- Stacy Bengochea, Indiana

"This will be my third pair of NewGrips.
I will never wear regular leather gloves again."

— Mac McGinnis, Personal Trainer

"I give NewGrips an A+. I hated using gloves, and suffering through the sweat and heat on my palms. It was a real pain pulling gloves off my hands. NewGrips completely solved that problem. Grips are easy to slip out of and expose my hands to fresh air between sets. This too is a big +."
- Bob Miller, ILLINOIS

"Ouch! One of the biggest drawbacks using typical gloves is their seams. I got more blisters and sore spots on my hands from those seams than I did lifting bare handed! That is why I used bicycle inner tube sections for years until your gloves came along. Since using Grips no more sore hands and much better workouts."
Noel Kocher, Michigan

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida

"NewGrips feel much better than the bulky gloves I had. Grips definitely help my hands like you said they would."
-Mike Adelmann

"It's amazing, the Grips are so simple, yet so effective. I do not have to concentrate nearly as much (if at all) on my grip of the bar, and my hands feel much less fatigued after a good workout. Thanks for the great product,"
-Ken Clark, Utah

" Thanks for the awesome gloves!!!!..."
-William Zambrano MD

"At the gym yesterday and I saw some guys putting on the workout gloves that I used to wear and thought how happy I am to have discovered NewGrips and no longer had to deal with leather gloves anymore. "
-Ed Carron, New Jersey

"NewGrips are absolutely one of the best finds in my 10 years of working out."
-Tim Radle, Ohio

"NewGrips are everything you said they were. I particularly notice the airflow in and around them. At first, I was skeptical about the chafing protection you promised, but since using them I don't believe my skin has touched a knurled bar the whole time!"
-Mark Landis, Tennessee

"I really don't want to go a day weight lifting without them."
-Major Richard Ward, U.S. Army

"My first pair of Grips lasted almost 2 years. I workout 3 to 4 times a week and find that the Grips make for a more comfortable workout."
-Billy King, California

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