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"Your company set a standard others should follow. These gloves are amazing... so simple yet so versatile and comfortable. "
- Noam Hadany, Jerusalem

" Thank you for the outstanding service you provide along with such a great product. I have made sure everyone in my circle of family and friends now use NewGrip because I have raved about it from the moment I started using it. You have a great company. "
—Carla Cabrera, Virginia

"Your attention to customer satisfaction shows that you are truly a man of integrity. It makes me feel at ease doing business with you, especially over the internet. I look forward to receiving my newgrips and experiencing what everyone is raving about!"
Alex Kang, Associate Producer, Hollywood California

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We GUARANTEE Results...
or your money back. RISK FREE.

First or all, when you contact you are always in touch with me or Ryan, the Manager. As a family run business we give you the personnel attention you deserve.

Unheard of 2 fold Guarantee.

1. Use NewGrip hand pads to your hearts content for 90 days

...and if you are not convinced that they provide better workouts: outstanding hand protection, more comfort and stronger grip, simply return them for a full refund.

2. Use Wrist Support Straps to your hearts content for 90 days...

...and if they break we will replace them free of charge.

That's right. The only risk you take buying a pair of NewGrips is return postage. ($.65 for Wrist Support, $.85 for PowerPads, $1.90 for a complete sets of NewGrips.)

So, what have you got to lose? Order a pair today.

If your NewGrips do not fit satisfactorily just send, an E-mail to Alan describing the problem. Replacement items will be sent within two business days at no cost to you. Included will be a postage paid return envelope for the items that did not fit. International orders will receive a return envelope but you must pay the postage, as it is impossible for me to do so.

NewGrips are not manufactured. Real people, using sewing machines, stitch together each NewGrip, one pair at a time. This personal touch leaves room for human error. Currently less then 1 pad in 1000 has a problem and only 1 wrist strap in 10,000. These stats indicate excellent workmanship. At the same time, if any part of your NewGrip tears within the first 90 days it will be replaced at no charge to you. Send an E-mail to Ryan describing the problem. Replacement items will be mailed out within two business days.

>NewGrips will not stain hands, irritate skin,
get slick or brittle like leather gloves can.

"Power Lifters" disconnect hand pads from the wrist support wraps. This will prevent possible structural tears from being over stretched.


>Not covered by this guarantee is
damage caused by puncture or improper use.

Credits will appear back on your credit card within two business days once returned items are received at:

5925 NE Failing St.
Portland, OR.
If you have question please ask: E-mail to Ryan

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Customer Service

"I was nervous whether the gloves could deliver what you advertised, as they seemed such a simple concept. I can already feel a difference. There is less pressure on my hands. My calluses are disappearing."
—Aparna Gupta, Personal Trainer, Maryland

"Even though I returned the NewGrips, I would like to compliment you on your customer service. It is quite refreshing to receive such personal service in today's world, especially with an internet transaction. I have just been around and around with over a refund and while they are a much bigger company, their customer service and customer care were terrible. Thank you very much for processing my refund in such a prompt manner and for standing behind your guarantee."
—Jeanie Fairbrother, Kansas

"I'm going to tell my glove-less work out buddies about your site, and also mention how nice you were to have sent me a pair even though the original ones got lost, then trusted me to send you a check."
- X. Doan, Kansas