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Many Reasons to Switch to NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves:

NewGrips are FULLY Adjustable
Both the Hand Pads and Wrist Support Wraps adjust to meet
your need for a great fit and allow you to personalize your personal grip style.

adjustable weight lifting gloves

All around good grip.
Center pad on velcro.

XXAdjust longer for
XXpulling and lifting.

Adjust shorter for pushing/bench.
Covers thumb joints.

Detached for shrugs and pull-ups, as the pad material needs slack under heavy tension. Or, position pad velcro near top of straps as seen in next pic.

  Provide slack for
 pads to stretch under
 tension for
 pull-ups and shrugs.


best fitting weight lifting gloves
No finger constriction.

workout gloves
Tougher than leather.
weight lifting gloves with wrist support Contours

Leather gloves get hot and sweaty

Hands stay cool.
wrist support wraps
Strengthens wrists.
Virtually indestructible

See more adjustable pics

best gym gloves

NewGrips are the ventilated for sweat free hands.

gloves for bench pressing

NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves are truly cushioned for
less hand pain when Lifting and Pulling heavy,
you'll never let hand pain hold back your workout again!

lifting gloves

NewGrips are built tough, and out lasting traditional weight lifting gloves by at least 3 times.


"NewGrip gym gloves are the most innovative and practical piece of equipment out there.
NewGrips are one of the MOST important investments in any gym goer's life."

- Alan Lerner C.P.T., NYC

"NewGrips completely stop the compression bruises I was
getting on my hands from the heavy bars.
They make holding the bar quite comfortable.
I use them for lifting and rowing."
- Neil Kelliher, Melbourne, Australia

Tommy Rovik uses NewGrips

"I was very skeptical towards your product, but NewGrips weight lifting gloves are
the greatest thing I ever bought for bodybuilding. I lifted heavier weights from the first lift.
Never realized, until now, that the pain of the barbell pressing on the bones kept me from lifting more. NEW GRIPS ARE GREAT."
- Tommy Rorvik, Bodybuilding in Norway

weight lifting gloves for female bodybuilders

"My first pair of NewGrip Workout Gloves lasted 3 years!
My hands do not get sweaty as they did in traditional workout gloves and NewGrips have
much better hand padding. I bench 105 lbs which is just under my body weight.
Its a lot of pressure on my hands... which NewGrip workout gloves relieve."
- Judy Ohara, California

Watch Our Short Video:

We all know that few things in life are more of an irritant than poor fitting shoes. Try dancing or hiking in poor fitting shoes. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Poor fitting shoes will stop all forward motion!

Athletes lifting, pulling, and pushing weights in gyms face a similar problem. Conventional weight lifting gloves irritate hands, fingers, soft tissue, bones and tendons. Over time conventional weight lifting gloves will bag out, itch and chaff against your fingers and blister your skin.

Gripping raw metal weight bars with bare hands or conventional leather gloves,
because they lack adequate padding, will bruise bones and injury the
soft tissue of your hands. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.


Photo Credit: Moving Into Presence

There are hundreds of weight lifting gloves for sale. You can easily waste $30 or more on gloves that look good, but don't last long; flimsy gloves won't stand up to intense weight training. These weight lifting gloves will tear on the wrist and base of the thumb and will NOT protect fingers against chaffing or blisters.

Traditional leather weight lifting gloves provide little, if any, padding, and no ventilation. They are actually a tug-of-war to put on and pull off!

Think about this:

Leather weight lifting gloves are merely 2 pieces of leather sewn together in the shape of a hand.
Leather gloves are NOT custom made for you.

The chances that your fingers and unique hand shape will be a good match to the "one size fits all" pre-sized finger holes found on leather weight lifting gloves is slim to none.

The inability for traditional gym glove companies to produce an adjustable fitting weight lifting glove is a major fault and problem for all of them. They cannot make one.

How many pair of shoes do you own that are simply sized Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large? Shoe companies have learned to provide half sizes and 3 or 4 width choices. How are hands any different?

Shoe manufacturers realize that no two feet are the same size!

The Dilemma:

Here is where the dilemma starts when buying gym gloves: whether in a store or online.

1. Weight lifting gloves come packaged and usually one or both gloves are zip locked together onto the packaging.
2. You can't try them both on until you get home.
3. You jam your hands into weight lifting gloves and hope that they feel good, not pinch, not too wide or tight.
4. Leather gloves become stiff and inflexible making pinched skin all the more probable.
5. The real test is done at the gym. Sadly most traditional weight lifting gloves fail this test and don't improve your workout while reducing your pain.

Common Problems:

All leather weight lifting gloves have the same problems in common:

1. Too long. Too short. Too tight. Too loose. Too hot. Too sweaty.
2. Leather lifting gloves shrink and bag out.
3. Leather lifting gloves stain your skin and stink up your hands.
4. Leather lifting gloves are never padded well enough where you need it most, for your palms and fingers.
5. And worse, leather weight lifting gloves COMPLETELY FAIL to cushion and pad your fingers against chaffing blisters and the rough surface on equipment bars and handles.
(Just do some pull ups, hanging cleans or rowing with exposed fingers. Again, Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.)

NewGrips Change All That:

leather gloves             workout gloves
Un-equally distributed weight bar pressure.   Equally distributed weight bar pressure

You can customize NewGrip Workout Gloves to fit your unique hand shape and grip need...

wrist support straps
< The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Support Straps.
< Adjust 'longer' for pulling and 'shorter' for lifting and pushing.
< Easy on and off.

Leather Weight Lifting Gloves Cause Sweat

Those who train long and hard can ruin a pair of leather weight lifting gloves into rags in a few weeks. Sweat just seems to eat leather.

Leather will mildew when left in a locker or gym bags.

Humidity is a bigger problem than sweat because the gloves do not need to be used in order to mold.

Leather needs to dry in open air.

If you want leather gloves to hold their shape, take them off and let them dry, in the shape you want, every time you wear them.

Smelly Leather Gym Gloves

Most leather fitness gloves have a serious disadvantage, as they become sweat drenched they start smelling like a dead animal.

Sweaty hands also leech the dyes out of leather which in turn stain your skin.

How many Weight Lifting Gloves are Adjustable?

Not one. The cut off finger holes found in leather gloves are impossible to adjust.

Thankfully there is one glove manufacturer that does make a truly adjustable fitting glove:

gym gloves

NewGrip, Made in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Lifting Gloves without Wrist Support are only $14.99 (order here)

Pro Model Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support: $27.99 a $35 value (order below)

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"Not another cookie cutter glove. NewGrips are out-of-the-box thinking."
- Nathan Shapiro, New York

"FANTASTIC!!! Better than other weight lifting gloves."
- T. Wallace, Washington

"Worth their weight in gold"
- Patricia M, Florida

"Best piece of weight lifting equipment I could own."
- George Horton, North Carolina

"10 times easier to wear than leather gloves."
- SGT Beth Covais, US Army

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into."
- Andrew Ross, Florida

"NewGrip weight lifting gloves are the single best invention for training since the exercise ball!"
- Rob May, Wyoming

"One of the great inventions of all time for rowing."
- Robin Wolfson, California

"NewGrip lifting gloves are 100 times better than the Valeo and Harbinger."
- Daniel Sbar, New Jersey

"I will never wear leather gloves again."
- Rob Hector, Vancouver, BC

"You really kind of reinvented the wheel with your NewGrip weight gloves!"
- Craig Holbrook, Massachusetts

"The best innovation since pizza by the slice!"
- Lisa K Wiggs, North Carolina


  • The most versatile weight lifting glove in the world, custom fit for every workout.
  • The best grip on any weight bar or machine.
  • Eliminates painful blisters and calluses.
  • No more sweaty hands crammed in traditional weight lifting gloves, or slipping off the bar.
  • NewGrip hand pads are tougher than leather at half the cost.
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