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NewGrips with Wrist Wraps Only $27.99/pr.
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A $35 value when sold separately

On the Internet since 1995

Made in the USA


NewGrips alleviate sore hands and
wrists when using Pilates equipment...

weightlifting gloves < Like shock absorbers for your hands.
< Increases grip strength, comfort and control.
< Flexible neoprene pads your palms and fingers.
< Hand pads attach to wrist straps.
< Adjustable length for custom hand fit.
< Will not stain skin or take on odors.

Open back for fresh air.

^ Increases endurance and competitiveness.
^ Reduces pressure on your hands, fingers and wrists.
^ Prevents calluses and helps old ones fad away.
^ Easy on and off.

wrist support straps<Fully adjustable sizing
<Tension controla stabilizes wrists
<Prevents residual wrist ache
<Hand washable
<2" wide, 100% comfy cotton

Satisfied Customers:
"I recommend them for Pilates - especially Advanced Cadillac work, and even the Reformer for people who need to reduce pressure on their hands and wrist."
-Bette Lynn Steiner, Maryland
"I use a Pilates machine which has a rope with pulley system and you use the machine mostly with your hands and powerhouse (abdominals). Your Grips are wonderful. I like that you can slip them off easily when you don't need them and the extra padding works much better than without. The straps are designed well and are so easy to put on, even with the limited mobility (arthritis) I was suffering from. NewGrips are an added benefit to my workout I will definitely recommend these wonders to anyone."
-Robyn Talbott, California
"I am using NewGrip gloves w/ Pilates equipment and they work fine. I have to adjust my grip a bit, not because of your gloves, but because of the injury to my thumb (and trying to protect the other thumb). They protect my thumb (which standard gloves w/ fingers would not do as well) and having them on keeps me aware of the need to be careful. I let them dangle from my wrists when I adjust machines, drink water or re-tie my hair, and I think my hands sweat less because of the open back."
- Lou V. , Florida
"Our clients rely on the NewGrips for hand comfort and stability during sessions using Pilates Reformers, Stability chairs and the Trapeze table. NewGrips are easy to put on and remove with the velcro tabs, or just flip back out of the way, as we move through our sequence of exercises.
In the past we used rubber shelf material cut into squares. The waffle design in the material was uncomfortable on the palm of the hands and it was inconvenient to move from place to place on the equipment. We feel it is much nicer to be wearing Grips and be able to easily continue from one exercise to the next. Clients use New Grips for foot placement adjustments; for example, if one leg is a little shorter than the other, NewGrips allow us to help even out the length of the legs. We also use them to add a softer pad for sensitive feet as well as foot injuries.

We stand behind this product for its variety of uses and convenience. We want our clients to be as comfortable and stable as possible during their sessions.

A big thank you to NewGrips! "
- Leah C. Sine and Maria Romano owners of Pilates E.D.G.E., Florida
>Proper FIT:

Fit is a major problem when buying leather workout gloves. Too long, too short, too wide, too tight, too loose, etc.

Can't someone make an adjustable fitting glove? Well, we did. NewGrips fit properly.

How is this done?

First, we eliminated the finger holes. With no constricting finger holes forcing you to jam your hands into; your hands breath and stay cooler during workouts.

wrist support straps <The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Support Straps with velcro.
<Adjust them 'longer' for pulling and 'shorter' for lifting and pushing.
<Adjust them to custom fit your unique hand shape.
> No more poor fitting gloves!<

"We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like Grips were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!

Sizes XXS to XXXL to fit petite women and very large men.

> The gap between fit and comfort has vanished.

"I prefer the 2 piece system over a one piece glove. It allows me to make adjustments anytime I want. This is my third order."
-Bruce Pearlman, Arizona
>CUSTOMER SERVICE: Should you order the wrong size, I will exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for whatever did not fit. Worry free shopping.

Grips contour to your hand and the object being held.


Your hands are always open to fresh air.
You can slip your hands in and out from under the elastic instantly.

leather weightlifting gloves
Hands trapped inside of leather gloves get hot and sweaty; making them a tug-of-war getting off.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida

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VALUE? Priceless. Each of these reports is packed with powerful advice and strategies that will improve your health and training. If these reports provide only one helpful tip each, the price of your NewGrips have been paid for many times over.

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Pilates Gloves without Wrist Wraps are $14.99 (order here)

Pilates Gloves with Wrist Wraps: $27.99 a $35 value (order below)

Orders are mailed out within 3 business days.
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Orders are mailed out within 3 business days
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Orders are mailed out within 3 business days

NewGrips are also DUAL PURPOSE:
they work equally well with Strength Training Equipment!

  • Contains neoprene - not leather.
  • Neoprene is tough than leather on handles and weight bars.
  • Unlike leather gloves, NewGrips are not bulky,
  • Will not get brittle like leather does.
  • Will not stain or stink like leather does.
  • Will not get slick like leather does.
  • Will not lose its compression like gel does.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.

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