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NewGrips with Wrist Wraps Only $27.99/pr.
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A $35 value when sold separately

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Made in the USA

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more strength - no more sore hands: 10-15% more reps

Al Vaughan uses NewGrip PowerPads
Al Vaughan
"Let me be very direct.
If you are not using PowerPads you
are not lifting to your potential.
They are THE best thing you
can add to your routine!"
 - Al Vaughan, Drug Free Bodybuilder, Mr. Florida & Mr. New Jersey, 2014

  • Add power and strength to your grip.

  • PowerPads are used by Alan Lerner
    Alan Lerner shows off the gripping power of
    NewGrip PowerPad-GymGloves on the beach in Santa Monica.

    PowerPads prevent blisters

  • increases reps and weight loads
  • pads palms AND fingers
  • prevents blisters and calluses
  • tougher than leather gloves
  • thicker than leather gloves
  • last longer than leather gloves
  • more technical specs

"I got PowerPads because my fingers would bruise and blister using regular weight lifting gloves. That has definitely improved since using this super product. "
- Joe Patel

"The PowerPad pads my palm and does a great job minimizing the sting from stingers. It's very comfortable and fits well too."
- Nate Price, Goalie, Virginia Statesmen,
Mid-Atlantic Developmental Junior Hockey League, Woodbridge, Virginia
See product review at Goalie

"PowerPads have better friction resistance support than any conventional leather gloves, and are also much more comfortable and convenient. I recommended them to people at the gym and they all love 'em."
- J, Florida

platoon fitness gloves
"As an instructor of Platoon Fitness classes in Central Park, outdoors, I use PowerPads for chin ups, pull ups, and most of all push up and other exercises where my hands are on the rough concrete! I used conventional leather gloves a few times, but they would get grimy and I would have to wash them all the time; with PowerPads I can just use a little hot water to clean them like new agin. is the only place I'll ever buy workout gloves as nothing on the market even comes close!"
- Rob Dyson,
Pre-Med Student, and Instructor of Platoon Fitness in NYC

We realize that not everyone needs to spend $27.99 for Pro-model NewGrips with Wrist Support Wraps so we eliminated the wraps, created PowerPad and reduced the price. Plus, we made them with the same high quality neoprene as NewGrips

At only $14.99 this is a super price for long lasting weight lifting gloves.

PowerPads even out perform more expensive leather gloves.

My Promise to You:
"Use PowerPads for as long as 90 days and if they don't improve your workout just send them back for a full refund."
-Alan Trombetta,
owner and product developer.

"Like many people who lift weights, I had horrible calluses
Z. Bhatti, Florida

2. "They significantly increased my grip with wide-grip pull-ups. Your Pads improve the feel of the bar. Lat pulls were easier. Seated rows a breeze and dumbbell rows were EXTREMELY comfortable. Excellent product."
-Eugene Zamora, Florida

3. "These hand grips let me achieve rapid strength gain in training my back and upper arms because, before using Grips, my hand strength would give out before I could drive arm & back muscles to failure."
- Dale Elston, Texas

4. "I LOVE THEM!!!! These are the best workout gloves I've ever used. They allow me to lift heavier. And they're so comfortable."
-Louise Miller, Rhode Island

5. "I lost the PowerPads I purchased. Unfortunately I had to use an old pair of gloves that at one time I thought were pretty decent. What a mistake! After using PowerPads...there is no comparison to any other type of glove on the market."
- Mike Cook

6. "I train 5 days a week, taking each set to failure and Grips make the bar feel lighter."
-Steve Goodman, Michigan

7. "Grips are great! Here is a link to a thread on the CrossFit Elite Traing FORUM that I posted; telling others how good PowerPads are for chins, pull ups, padding for dips and 'l' sits, to say nothing of NO MORE calluses."

8. PowerPads or Lifting Straps?

"I was looking for a solution to...

1: losing my grip not getting a good "bite" on the bar and

2: a replacement for lifting straps. Anyone who uses straps will tell you that with any amount of significant weight the straps dig and cut into your skin and become unbearably painful.
SOLUTION: On the smith machine I do the whole stack for hi-rep sets on lat pull excess of 300+ lbs At those poundages lifting straps really hurt. BUT since switching to PowerPads my pain has gone down and my rep quality way up. No more old style lifting straps for me!"
- Chad Wood

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  • Will out perform any leather glove.
  • Unlike leather gloves, non leather PowerPads are not bulky, will
    not get brittle, stain or stink up your hands.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
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