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I want to thank you for your product. It is rare in this day and age for a product, promoted by its inventor, and not a part of the mainstream, to live up to the hype. In fact, new grips exceed the hype. Here is a little bit of my story:

I began lifting heavy, 6 days a week, when I was about 21 years old and gradually fell off over the next few years once I was in grad school. During that time I used leather gloves and they were not something to rave about nor complain about. Last year, at age 27, I decided to get back into the swing of things and though I am not as lean as I once was, I am stronger and mix up my workout style (e.g., 3X10, pyramids, escalating density training, Australian power lifting, etc.) every 4-6 weeks to keep things fresh. As a result my hands became the primary restriction on my strength gains, limiting my increases and causing so much pain I would avoid certain lifts!

I have been using the New Grips for only a week now and the results are amazing. My lifts have gone up dramatically (i.e., 5% in a week for someone lifting 3-4/week for a year is tremendous!) and all from simply taking the pain out of my hands! In particular, pulling exercises like bent over barbell rows and pull-ups have become a breeze and the gains I have seen there I do not think your readers would believe.

So again, accept my thanks for your ingenious product and I look forward to whatever your next invention may be, and to the day your product goes mainstream so that others without internet access can experience comfortable lifting (and stop wondering what in the world I have hooked on my hands!).

- Samy Sadighi, California