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Rowing gloves that eliminate blisters and calluses and increase your endurance.

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Amazing Gloves for
Indoor & Outdoor Rowing

Ranked #1 on Google: Rowing Gloves

gloves for oars and outdoor rowing
NewGrips were chosen by Team OAR Northwest for the
grueling First North Atlantic Rowing Race (73 days of continues rowing..)
NOTE: Front oarsman using NewGrips.

They WON the Race!
The first Americans to row all the way from mainland US to mainland UK.


gloves for oar northwest
The Winning Team:
Jordan Hanssen, Greg Spooner, Brad Vickers, and Dylan LeValley

"During the race the NewGrips were a huge factor in taking care of our hands. We were the only team that did not experience problems with blisters or developing 'claw' hands from rowing over 12 hours a day. They were far more comfortable and practical than any other gloves for oars we had tried. Using NewGrips meant that our hands, the health and comfort of which was vital to our success, were not something that we had to worry about. We did not use them all the time but they kept our hands safe for 70 continuous days of rowing."
- Brad Vickers

OPEN WATER ROWING with Oars and NewGrips.

NewGrip rowing gloves
Serious rowing demands endurance; but the more you row the harder it is on your hands.

Imagine how much more intensely you could row if blisters, calluses and sore hands were eliminated!

Well, using NewGrips eliminate all those hassles and deliver greater endurance, power,energy and comfort.

< Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers rowing in
the Puget Sound

(NewGrips were used by the Winners of "Row The Indian" - a 3200 mile race! See it HERE)

rowing gloves for oars
< Like shock absorbers for your hands.
< Increases grip strength, comfort and control.
< Contours perfectly to the oar.
< Reduces pressure on hands & fingers.
< Prevents calluses while old ones fad away.
< Increases endurance and energy.

rowing gloves for oars<Tough, rugged, 5mm neoprene.
<Pads palms and fingers.
<Pads attach to wrist straps with velcro.
<Strengthens and stabilizes wrists.
<Adjustable to custom fit your unique hand shapes.
<Will not stain skin or take on odors.
<Open back = cool hands. Easy on and off.

wrist support straps for indoor rowing<Fully adjustable sizing
<Stabilizes wrists
<Prevents residual wrist ache
<Hand washable
<2" wide. 100% comfy cotton

TIP: When the weather is cool NewGrips are designed to fit over fingered gloves.

gloves for surf boats

SURF BOAT RACING on the Atlantic Coast
XXXXXXXX"I row a 350 lb. surf boat single in rowing races from Maryland to Connecticut (distances range 3 to 22 miles). Being that I row single the forces on the oars are double that of boats with crews of two and my hands used to take a beating as a result. As you might imagine blisters and sore hands are a limiting factor in how much power one can exert to the oars. I've tried at least 6 different pair of gloves ranging from leather boating gloves to gel padded biking gloves and still got the same results- hands that looked like hamburger after extended rowing sessions. Not only did this effect my performance but there was also a lot of time spent out of the boat waiting for my hands to heal! So, I needed a solution! When I found NewGrip gloves while “surfing” the internet I quickly bought a pair. What a HUGE difference! I can honestly say this is the only product I've ever used that allows me to row hard without blisters or super sore hands. If you row I highly recommend using these gloves."
- Mick Cote, Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Sweep rowing in Cambridge

XXXXXXXX"One of the other girls I row with lent me a pair and I rowed through them in 6 weeks but with far fewer blisters. We row for Cambridge University, sweep rowing - eights and fours mostly. In the boat I am the first rower. If you look hard you can see your product. Thanks very much for these gloves - they've saved me a lot of pain and effort taping up my hands, definitely the best thing I've found for sweep rowing.
-Sarah Gallager, UK

Harlingen-Terschelling Race - Rowers used NewGrip gloves
Toughest Gig Race in Holland
The Jan Snoek finished 2nd at the famous Harlingen-Terschelling race.
Rower using NewGrip rowing gloves  Harlingen-Terschelling and NewGrip rowing gloves

XXXXXXXX"After 3 hrs and 16 minutes of rowing we had no blisters. In addition, we were able to train two times a week with 20 kilometers of rowing. This was unthinkable before some of us had the NewGrips. The elastic strap on top of the hand was tightened by making a knot on top, which turned out to work perfect.
-Lennart Burg, Netherlands

gloves for Irish Currach oar rowing
"NewGrip rowing gloves saved my hands from
blistering this year...I love them!"
XXXXXX-Michelle McGeoghegan, Captain, in red, of
an Irish Currach boat, leads her team to first place in
the Milwaukee Irish Fest regatta.

rowing gloves for oarsrowing gloves for sliding sear boat

"I use NewGrips for rowing a sliding seat boat in Puget Sound. I've been rowing many years and had a terrible time with blisters right where the fingers join the palm. Without gloves it is a complete disaster; and even with gloves the results are poor. I switched to NewGrips a few months ago and my hands quickly healed. I was concerned about possible loss of control with the loose fit of your rowing gloves in open water. However control is no issue at all."
- John and Yan Strong, Washington

"I was skeptical; but the very first week on the water with New Grips was great. It is really nice to see broken blisters start to heal. With more comfortable hands I easily rowed further and paid more attention to my technique. Great product!"
- Ian C., Seattle

Celtic Longboat in the Irish Sea

"I bought NewGrips to row across the Irish Sea from Arklow to Aberystywyth; the biannual "Celtic Challenge" and they were brilliant. Not one blister! The Celtic Longboat is a fixed seat boat. I've been rowing for 3 years and these NewGrips have beaten all other gloves I have tried."
Julie Barritt, UK
One pair of neoprene NewGrips are only $27.99.

See Our Products and Pricing

"Using a Concept2 Indoor Rowing machine is very hard on the hands, causing nasty calluses and blisters, all of which your rowing gloves prevent. I will never wear any other gloves than NewGrips for rowing."
-Roger Lewis
>Proper FIT:

Fit is a major problem when buying leather fitness gloves. Too long, too short, too wide, too tight, too loose, etc.

Can't someone make an adjustable fitting glove? Well, we did. NewGrips fit properly.

How is this done?

First, we eliminated the finger holes. With no constricting finger holes forcing you to jam your hands into; your hands breath and stay cooler while rowing.

wrist support straps for rowing <The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Support Straps with velcro.
<Adjust them 'longer' for pulling and 'shorter' for lifting and pushing.
<Adjust them to custom fit your unique hand shape.
> No more poor fitting gloves!<

"We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like NewGrips were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!

> The gap between fit and comfort has vanished.

"I prefer the 2 piece system over a one piece glove. It allows me to make adjustments anytime I want. This is my third order."
-Bruce Pearlman, Arizona
"When the rower handle slippage and wear of my wedding ring led to blisters, I used my aged weight lifting gloves for protection, but ran into problems with them...blisters popped up in new places. Switching to NewGrips was a big plus. My hands healed quickly, and all of my personal best rowing times (2Ks through marathons) improved. (For those that say "gloves are for wimps," I can only say it doesn't matter what you wear if you finish first!)"
-Brian Johnson, Florida
>CUSTOMER SERVICE: Should you order the wrong size, I will exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for whatever did not fit. Worry free shopping.

Grips contour to your hand and the object being held.

"NewGrips took a little getting used to, but once I broke them in they added power to my indoor rowing stroke, and the hand soreness and calluses are gone! I can now row longer, without sore hands limiting my workouts. Your instructions were very helpful getting started. Thanks for a great product!"
- Ron Schumann

Your hands are always open to fresh air.
You can slip your hands in and out from under the elastic instantly.

leather weight lifting gloves

Hands trapped inside of leather gloves get hot and sweaty; making them a tug-of-war getting off.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida

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One pair of NewGrips are only $27.99.

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NewGrips are also DUAL PURPOSE:
they work equally well with Strength Training Equipment!

  • Contains neoprene - not leather.
  • Neoprene is tougher than leather on rowing handles.
  • Unlike leather gloves, NewGrips are not bulky,
  • Will not get brittle like leather does.
  • Will not stain or stink like leather does.
  • Will not get slick like leather does.
  • Will not lose its compression like gel does.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
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