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Amazing Senior Fitness Gloves

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...Old Grip = Strain & Pain.......NewGrip = Strength & Gain

More reps. More comfort. No sore hands...
or your money back!
xxxxxx BIG BENEFITS...

lifting gloves for seniors< Pads palms & fingers for stronger grip.
< No hand or finger constriction.
< Protects hands from calluses.
< Increases reps and weight loads.
< Adjustable for a custom fit.
< Easy on and off.

fitness gloves for seniors

< Comfortable grip.
< No chafing.
< Neoprene that is tougher than leather on weight bars.
< Will not bunch-up or stink as do leather gloves.

< Contours to your hand, every weight bar, rowing machine, bicycle and circuit training equipment handle.

< Long life: Men avg. 12 - 18 months/set. Woman avg. 2-3 years/set.

benching press senior  
"I took first place in the Polk County Senior Olympic games in the bench press in the 70 thru 74 age bracket and the 181 max weight class and pressed 215 lbs. I used NewGrips and have been training with them since 2001."

- Noel Kocher, Florida

"As a 50 plus fitness buff, my old clamps were suffering quite a bit through my work out, and affecting my ability to complete my customary pull-up and bench press sets. The hand pain made me simply not want to do it any more. I'm pleased to report that your "New Grip" product has totally solved this problem. Pull-ups and benches are back to normal, with no more hand pain!! Thanks for the great product!"
-Chuck Bavol,Tampa, Florida

"I am 58 and the pain in my hands is already getting better since using your lifting gloves. Reps and weight loads are increasing! I'm surprised how durable they are, heck... I work out every single day of the week.. and these pups are still like new, only broken in, no chips, tears, cuts, anything... Best thing to happen to my hands since I can remember~!!!!!!!!!! "
- Ken "Wolfdog" Collings
Wolfdog Rescue

"Your New Grip gloves provide comfort, flexibility and maximum protection for my hands while training. An impressive feature is that they are 'not bulky' which makes it easy to grip the bar. The short of it is, you should be proud of your fine product."

Gordon Borges, 78 years old " Mr. Fitness 101" Great Senior Fitness web site.

     50 plus fitness bodybuilder

"NewGrips are the best weight lifting gloves for your routine."
-Al Vaughan, 56,
Mr. Natural Florida Grand Master Champion, 2003

(National Gym Association)

"NewGrips are very light on my 65 year old hands, comfortable and easy to use. I've been able to workout longer because my hands are not sore. I love them."
- Roosevelt Ford, South Carolina

  "I am a 67 year old senior, train with light weights and spend 45 minutes a day on a Concept II rowing machine. Add to this 50 years of callus build up and you will appreciate when I say that after using NewGrips for less than two months my calluuses are almost gone. You have indeed built a better mouse trap."
-Herb Yager, California

"I've ordered Grips before - now I'm getting my Dad a pair! Thanks for a great product! "

-Shaun Foster, New York

"Before your product I was avoiding anything that put strain on my finger joints. Since using NewGrips I have been able to increase my weight loads and reps. Weight lifting has never been easier at 67."
-June Podzemny, Texas

"I have trained seniors for several years and I have never used a product that allows them to workout with more confidence and success. Grips live up to their promises."
-Jeanette Caples, Certified Fitness Instructor for Senior Citizens, Vancouver, Washington

See How Grips Work

*If you have a hand, wrist, tendinitis, carpal tunnel or other therapeutic problem please visit our Hand Problem page.

A big plus for your hands, and germs in the gym, is that NewGrips completely shield your palms and fingers from coming in contact with the sweat left behind by the last person on any piece of equipment. My wife and I wear our Grips even when on elipticals and bikes. Gym owns appreciate this benefit of Grips because the sprays used to clean handle grips prematurely dry them out.

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  • Will out perform any leather glove.
  • Unlike leather gloves, nonleather NewGrips are not bulky, will
    not get brittle, stain or stink up your hands.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Family run business.
  • BONUS: Our wrist bands can be used separately for cardio, aerobics, jogging, tennis, etc. Use the hand pads to easily open jars. Saves hands when using a wheel barrel, shovel, rake, hammer, power tools etc. Try it with every tool or object you need to grasp, push, pull, lift, or squeeze. Put NewGrips to work!

    Dear Senior Fitness Friend,

    If you are a Senior, as I am, you can rest assured that The NewGrip will prevent calluses, reduce sores hands and at the same time increase your strength and endurance, or your money back. If you have arthritic finger joint pain you will love the comfort provided by NewGrips.

    Lift to your potential,



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