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Static Contraction Gloves

Press and Hold the Heaviest Weights Ever
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static contraction gloves     thick lifting gloves
NewGrips bite into the bar so your hands don't have to

"I finally lifted a 400 lb bench using static contraction and my hands didn't hurt at all! And here is how I did it: I used both the NewGrips and the Hand Pads together (thick lifting gloves)! That technique works with the Hand Pads either under or over the NewGrips. See pics below."
- Doug Greene, California


life time strength using thick NewGrips
"NewGrips are amazingly effective at relieving pressure on the hands. They also provide beneficial wrist support. The giant added benefit is they allow you to lift more weight or complete more reps. Most people just don't realize they stop lifting because of discomfort instead of true muscle exhaustion. NewGrips alleviate grip fatigue - if you use them you'll lift more weight. Period."
- Pete Sisco, co-author of Power Factor and Static Contraction Training.


static contraction gloves

Wear Hand Pads against your palm and NewGrips on top of the Hand Pads.

gloves for static contraction

Your palms and fingers are now padded with
over 3/8 inch (10mm)of rugged neoprene.

static contraction training gloves

The double thick pads absorb the pressure of
very heavy holds and presses.

A 400 lb static press with the
benefit of ThickGrips.

Pressing 185lb for 26reps

lifting gloves for Static Contraction Training
< Tougher than leather on weight bars.
< Strengthens grip and wrists.
< Increases reps and weight loads.
< Fully adjustable for custom fit.
< Open back. Easy on and off.

static contraction gloves

< Strengthens grip.
< Increases power.
< Stops calluses.
< No part of the bar chaffs against your skin.

"I do PFT (Power Factor Training), and damn if my hands couldn't keep up with the weight!!! The week after I got your Thick Pad Gloves, my PF jumped 50%.... I've gone from 305lbs 12 times on the bench, to approaching 460lbs 30 times on my next workout!!!!!
Without your thick gloves this wouldn't have happened without bruising my hands and tearing my wrists apart, thank you!!!!!!

—Brian Doherty, Oregon

"I train using Peter Sisco's - Static Contraction Training - heavy poundage with short ranges of motion. Using them I was able to increase my bench press from 225lbs x 8 reps to 290lbs x 6 reps. (A 23% increased load capacity!)
I never imagined that I could lift this weight let alone feel little discomfort in my hands while doing so."
-Jordan Masiakos, New York

"When I got the NewGrips, I was disappointed. They looked way too thin (without the thick lifting glove option) for holding nearly 400 lb weights without hurting my hands. They felt weird since they didn't go around my fingers like regular gloves. Well, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, so I put them to the test.
All I have to say is The NewGrip is way better than the regular workout gloves I was using. After a while they became very comfortable. They perform.
With Grips I can't even feel the roughness of the bar!
Also, I feel stronger and more confident lifting heavy weights using NewGrips.
And by the way, I'm 135 lbs and now able to hold over 415 lbs now. "
Kevin Ngo


You can slip your hands out from under the elastic strap instantly.
Open back insures cool hands.

leather weight lifting gloves

Hands trapped inside of leather gloves get hot and sweaty; requiring a "tug-of-war" to take them off.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida


Fit is a major problem when buying leather workout gloves. Too long, too short, too wide, too tight, too loose, etc.

Can't someone make an adjustable fitting glove? Well, we did. NewGrips fit properly.

"We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like Grips were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!


1. Should you order the wrong size, I will exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for whatever did not fit. Worry free shopping.

2. NewGrips are the only weight lifting gloves with Replacement Parts to save you money.

"I was skeptical and wondered how these grips could offer so much. But after trying them I found that everything the website said was completely true and more! Not only did they allow me to lift more, but without so much hand fatigue. NewGrips are amazing."
-Eugene Kolkey, California

Contours to your hand.

neoprene gloves

Between sets you can slip your
hands out of Grips and
allow fresh air to cool your hands. Ahhh!

best weight lifting gloves

"These are the best weightlifting gloves I've ever used for women's fitness
. They allow me to lift heavier, and they're so comfortable. Thank you for this great product."
-Louise Miller, Rhode Island


"I can't tell you enough how fantastic this product is. The comfort alone should be enough justification to purchase. You know, it's not really a purchase but an investment. The money I have saved over the past two years on normal gloves that may last three months, has more than paid for the NewGrips!! As a Certified Fitness Trainer for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) I am highly recommending your product to my clients."

-Ernie Razzano, CFT
ISSA, Rep ID #1853

How much are these amazing NewGrips?
$60.00? No. NewGrips are only $27.99 per pair, and Hand Pads are only $14.99 per set. That's only $42.98 for the heaviest lifting ever.


"Use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if you are not convinced that they provide heavier lifts, outstanding hand protection, and more comfort simply return them for a full refund."
—Ryan Sollee
Product Manager
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