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newgrip weight lifting gloves


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weight lifting gloves
Protects your palms & fingers with padded neoprene. Leather gloves have little padding and do not pad your fingers at all!

NewGrips =
more comfort
stronger grip
more reps
heavier weight loads
  • Technical Features and
    Major Benefits of NewGrips

  • flexible, up to 5mm of durable, neoprene pads with adjustable tension wrist straps.
  • 20-24 square inches of grip area depending on pad size.
  • ergonomically contours your hand shape to the weight bar.
  • adjustable to custom fit your unique hand shape and grip style.
  • sizes: XXS to XXL
  • prevents calluses.
  • relieves hand pain and wrist strain.
  • pads and protects palms, finger joints, nerve endings and tendons against impact and abrasion.
  • superior power transfer
  • strengthens grip with better bar control
  • even energy distribution across your hands
  • sturdy construction: tougher than leather on the weight bar
  • light weight - not bulky - does not constrict range of motion
  • 100% woven cotton, 2 inch wide wrist support wraps
  • supports wrists and carpal tunnel area
  • superb moisture absorption
  • hygienic. washable by hand. air dry.
  • will not stain skin nor leave hands stinky like leather can.
  • for novice and pro, free-weights, resistance machines, rowing, cycling
  • 90 Day Full Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee Guarantee
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