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   "The anatomic design of New Grips is aimed at increasing comfort and improving performance. Bottom line - wearing new grips makes the workout easier, more enjoyable, and, as a result, more effective."
— Cecily Wang, MD
Department of Surgery
Union Memorial Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland

Occupational Therapist

   "NewGrips have a unique part to play in the prevention, healing, and rehabilitation of finger, hand, wrist, elbow injuries and ailments. We believe that every clinic should have at least one pair."
—Nancy Falkenstein, OTR/L, CHT, CEES and Susan Weiss, OTR/L, CHT

Chiroprator Recommended:

   "New Grips offer patients a way to return to lifting weights while protecting and supporting the median nerve. This is a breakthrough."
— Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor
Portland, Oregon


I had been having a burning sensation in my arm straight up from the thumb to the elbow. The doctor gave me the obligatory shot of cortisone and an anti inflammatory drug.

But, after using NewGrips for 9 months, I have figured out what the REAL problem was...I did not have a very strong grip and was using my forearm to do most of the work; causing undue strain. Well, NewGrips have strengthened my grip considerably and have almost eliminated that burning sensation!!!

NewGrips have given me a lot more power in my hands so that I can do the moves in a proper fashion and not the way I was doing them before - with rather bad form. I am so excited to have less pain.

When I started using NewGrips they felt odd. But now, I would never go back to gloves again. NEVER. No more sweaty hands either.

NewGrips are the greatest things since pizza by the slice!"

- Lisa K Wiggs, North Carolina

Tendonitis and Weight Lifting

Tendonitis Relief

or your money back!

Tendonitis can be quite scary.

It flares up in the wrist or forearm and will not go away.

What is going on? What is the cause?

First of all let me assure you: tendonitis can be relieved and in most cases healed. The more you know about it the better the chances of total cure.

Here is probably what is happening to you:
If you could see through your arms, wrists and hands you would notice this....

A long (median) nerve running from your head, over your shoulder and bicep, around your elbow and then, after it passes through your carpal tunnel (along with several tendons) it branches out like the roots of a tree to supply nutrients and nerve clusters to your palms and finger... actually over 1 million of them in your hands alone!

These nerve clusters are what make your hands and fingers so sensitive to touch.

But.. what do you suppose happens to those tendons from over doing or over stretching them during an exercise?

They can tear and inflame, shout with pain.. and you feel it!

If the inflamed area does not get enough time to cool down (heal) it will move further up the body and inflame the nerves and or tendons in your wrists or elbows. That is one way people get carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist or forearm tendonitis, even tennis elbow.

Now.. pad your hands with NewGrips and wear the wrist support and for the first time those nerves and tendons will feel comforted, protected, relaxed and have a chance to heal.

In fact the longer you use NewGrips the better your hands, wrists and forearms will feel.

Here is the NewGrip Solution:
weight lifting gloves for tendinitis
< Padded neoprene.
< Absorbs pressure.
< Cushions nerves and tendons.
< No part of the bar touches your hand.

"I had tendinitis on my biceps connector that wouldn't heal. That's at the elbow joint on the inner arm. I have been using the NewGrips for a few weeks now and the arm feels great! No discomfort during or after lifting weights! I love the nice grip, and the padding is superb! I am also using your tips, and they are helping as well."
- -Gary V., New Jersey
"I have some forearm problems and realized its all because I was gripping to hard. I started using NewGrips and less pain! It's like gripping a baseball too tightly. Great product."
- Kenneth Seiler
 weight lifting gloves relieve tendonitis
<Pads attach to wrist straps with strong velcro.
<Adjustable to fit your hands and wrists.
<Open back insures cool hands.

"I have had the unfortunate experience of an on going battle with tendonitis in my elbow. I had almost given up on being able to do any weight training at all. Every time I attempted to lift even the lightest of hand weights, the tendonitis would come back. I found your website and ordered the NewGrip as my last resort. Well, I have been weight training, using my NewGrips and no more tendon pain! I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to strength train again, thanks to NewGrip. "
-Sara Tourek, Hawaii
wrist support straps<Fully adjustable sizing
<Stabilizes wrist tendons
<Prevents residual wrist ache
<Hand washable
<2" wide. 100% comfy cotton
No more wrist ache.

Tendons are fibrous connective
tissue which attaches muscle to bone.
Tendons move the bone or structure.

"I have to admit I was very skeptical when I ordered your product. I lift weights an was battling a worsening case of tendonitis and with pull-ups. But I have to admit that they helped a great deal. Your NEWGRIPS and a recent steroid injection (in the tendon) have made a BIG difference. Thank you very much, I'm almost back to my old self. You have a great product."
—Kevin Pippen
"I have no more tendon pain in my wrists since a couple of months after I started using the NewGrips. It is likely that allowing me to exert a looser hand grip during certain exercises has reduced the inappropriate stress to my wrist tendons, and eliminated the problem."
-Dale Elston, Austin, TX
"I have tennis/golfers elbow. I could not do any form of press curl or row without my elbows killing me. My wife who is an Occupational Therapist, was pretty skeptical but after using Grips for three days I can do everything I want to pain free. New Grips are such a simple solution to a problem lots of us in the 45 plus age group have. I am thrilled."
-Richard Boothroyd, Ohio

"I had never used any type of "glove" or wrist support before. But I started developing chronic soreness in my hands and a condition called "trigger finger" which cause one of my fingers to catch or lock in a bent position. The problems stemmed from inflammation of the tendon. I still wanted the feel of my fingers but the padding of the glove - your product was a great solution. It's helped reduce the soreness and effects of "trigger finger"; giving me better grip."
- Jeremy Hebert, Oct. 2009

<Pads attach to wrist straps with velcro.
<Adjust 'longer' for pulling, 'shorter' for lifting.
<No more poor fitting gloves!

"We love the way Grips have "broken" in and now fit/mold to our hands; It's like they were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!

gloves that help tendinitis

Contours to your hand and the weight bar.

>CUSTOMER SERVICE: Should you order the wrong size, I will exchange them at NO COST to you. You will receive the replacements along with a postage paid return envelope for whatever did not fit. Worry free shopping.


weightlifting gloves that relieve tendonitis Your hands are always open to fresh air.
You can slip your hands in and out from under the elastic instantly.

tendinitis gloves
Hands trapped inside of leather gloves get hot and sweaty; making them a tug-of-war getting off.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
-Andrew Ross, Florida

Use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if your tendinitis does not get better just send 'em back for a refund.

"I'm a physical therapist and, I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no product better than yours. Again, thanks!"
- Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana
One pair of neoprene NewGrips are only $27.99 which includes s&h.
  • Unlike leather gloves, non-leather NewGrips are not bulky, will not get brittle, stain or stink up your hands.
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • We ship International
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Patented.

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    "I've gone over six months without a flare-up of tendonitis in my wrists (both), which is amazing, and apparently attributed to NewGrips which I now use religiously when weight training."
    - Michael Seeman, Colorado

    TIPS for Relief:

    TENDONITIS: whether tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shoulder or rotator cuff tendonitis, muscle or bicep tendonitis, hand or wrist tendonitis.

    Tendonitis is an INFLAMMATION which needs to cool down.

    Tendonitis STARTS when tendons get over stressed and over stretched; which shortens and inflames them.

    Tendons can become swollen if they are overworked for any reason. Sudden jerky movements, over straining an exercise, lifting heavy weights, sports injuries and repetitive stress can all contribute to tendonitis.

    Over-training can also bring on tendon pain. Rest is vital.

    Many have discovered that NewGrips relieve tendonitis by proper anatomic support of your hands, fingers and wrists.

    I have suffered with tennis elbow and am completely healed.
    Click here to read my battle with tennis elbow pain.

    Here is what I learned:
    1. Healing must be your main concern. Take some time off or reduce your training. Train less - recover longer.

    2. Physical therapy techniques for tendon rupture include warm moist heat followed by cold therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, low light therapy, massage, and passive exercise with stretching. Acupuncture may help.

    3. Apply a topical anti-inflammatory on the area. morning, noon, night. (Buy the arthritis type. More expensive brands, preferable with capiscum (cayenne pepper)often have better penetrating properties.

    4. Wrap the area in flannel at bed time. This keeps the area warm (better blood flow) and helps relax nerves and tendins.

    5. During the day, gently stretch and rotate the area slowly in all directions. Helps keep tendins mobile and supple.

    6. Vital Nutrition Tips
    and an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
    such as Omega-3 fatty acids (found in most fish), B2.px2 and Green Drinks supply nutrition to nerves and tendons. Get well.

    7. Use proper form. Improper form can lead to injury.

    8. Do NOT "work through the pain".

    9. Do NOT hyper-extend your wrists, elbows or shoulders.

    "Tricep extentions are the biggest culprit of elbow pain. If this is your problem just don't do them."

    - George Halbert,
    (10 time World Record bench press champion, reporting in the Feb. 2002 issue of PowerMag.)

    10. Do NOT use a full range of motion.

    11. Do NOT ever lock your elbows. (do only the short power stoke portion of the exercise)
    Isolate your elbows out of the exercise as much as possible.

    12. Do NOT over squeeze the weight bar. (Relaxing your grip relieves tension on nerves and tendons.)

    13. Do every rep sloooowly.

    14. As often as possible lift your hands above your head and let the blood drain out of your hands. 'Pooled' blood reduces circulation. Shake your hands gently as well. Lower your hands when they feel 'cool'.

    15. Proper form is the key. Keep the bar centered in your palm. Do not allow the bar to roll forward into your fingers, because this forces your wrists to bend forward; which can over stretch tendins and hurt.

    16. Wrist Support Straps are beneficial because they keep your wrists warm and flexible while increasing blood circulation up and down the median nerve. Our straps can be tension controlled for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Used with a rub-on the built up heat can bring quick relief. You can see the straps here.

    17. Order a pair of NewGrips. If they do not bring relief or improve your workout you may return them within 90 days for a refund of the purchase price.

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