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  "The anatomic design of New Grips is aimed at increasing comfort and improving performance. Bottom line - wearing new grips makes the workout easier, more enjoyable, and, as a result, more effective."
— Cecily Wang, MD
Department of Surgery
Union Memorial Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland

Occupational Therapist
  "NewGrips have a unique part to play in the prevention, healing, and rehabilitation of finger, hand, wrist, elbow injuries and ailments. We believe that every clinic should have at least one pair."
—Nancy Falkenstein, OTR/L, CHT, and Susan Weiss, OTR/L,CHT

Chiroprator Recommended:
   "New Grips offer patients a way to return to lifting weights while protecting and supporting the median nerve. This is a breakthrough."
— Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor
Portland, Oregon


"Your gloves have helped my elbows more than even surgery did."

"I was having terrible elbow pain in my right elbow back and had reconstructive surgery on the interior and anterior portions of my elbow. All the tendons had to be shaved and reattached. But I still had significant pain when working out.

Then my left elbow was giving me problems, again. The Dr's decided that my ulnar nerve(funny bone) needed to be re-routed, so I had that done.

In 2005 both elbows started bothering me, but I was really sick of Dr's, medicine and surgery so I started researching alternative remedies. Nothing worked.

As a result, I have tried every wrist strap and glove you could imagine. So, given the condition of my tendons, I was about to give up on working out and just become another 40 something out of shape man.

Then I discovered your web site. In May 2006 I ordered a set of NewGrips. I was skeptical at first, but noticed a difference after the 1st workout. The more I worked out, the better I felt. I was able to lift much more, especially curls and triceps.

My pain level now is 80% decreased! Workouts are more enjoyable and I am extremely satisfied with your gloves.

In fact, your gloves have helped my elbows more than even surgery did!

You are more than welcome to share this email with anyone for any reason.

I am certainly a CFL (customer for life)."

- Michael Voirin, Texas


Relief for
Tennis Elbow Pain
is here...

"Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) is one of many repetitive strain injuries. The condition affects the outer part of your elbow, where the tendon becomes tender and painful. It commonly affects those who regularly partake in any activities involving gripping e.g. racquet sports, DIY, caring.

What causes the pain?

Often the underlying cause is weakness in the upper forearm muscles (these extend your wrist, control your fingers and perform a grip). These muscles are attached to the elbow by a tendon that can become inflamed, causing pain. Microscopically, tiny tears and bleeds can occur within the tendon that may lead to calcification of the tendon itself, which can affect the nerve supply to the rest of the forearm (leading to muscle weakness and odd sensations)."- Tailored Physiotherapy

The nerve bundles and tendons in your hands connect directly to your elbows
When they get over used from being 'crushed' by weight bars and poorly padded equipment handles they send out pain signals strong enough to stop you in your tracks.

Therefore putting a protective, padded, barrier between those nerves and their direct contact with weight bar pressure will assists the healing of tennis elbow inflammation.

Here is how NewGrips relieve tennis elbow...lifting gloves for tennis elbow pain
<Pads your palms and fingers.
<Absorbs pressure.
<Protects nerves and tendons in hands and wrists.
<No part of the bar touches your hand.

sore elbow relief
<Pads attach to wrist straps with strong velcro.
<Adjustable to custom fit hands and wrists.
<Open back insures cool hands.

wrist support straps<Fully adjustable.
<Strengthens and stabilizes wrists.
<Hand washable.
<2" wide 100% cotton.

"I have tennis elbow pain. I could not do any form of press curl or row without my elbows killing me. My wife who is an Occupational Therapist, was pretty skeptical but after using Grips for three days I can do everything I want... pain free. New Grips are such a simple solution to a problem lots of us have. I am thrilled."
-Richard Boothroyd, Ohio

"I was experiencing elbow pains a few weeks after starting a weight training regime.

After sending for New Grips, mainly as a way to mitigate the callousing of my hands, I got a bonus...the elbow pain subsided in less than a week!

While under the care of a neuro surgeon for a pinched nerve, the Doctor explained how it wasn't the weight that aggravated my elbows but the roughness and textures of the bars!!!
Many people who experience sore hands or wrists will find enormous relief just from the realization that it is the nerve bundles in our fingers and hands that transmit inflammation which is often treated as signs of arthritic hands, wrist strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or "tennis elbow." This not only applies to weightlifting but ANY repetitive task that potentially can irritate the nerve interface in our hands."
—Prof. Philip Daughtry, Santa Monica College
The median nerve runs from your neck down your bicep, around your elbow, down your forearm and through your carpal tunnel (wrist).. at which point it branches out like a tree sending down roots.

These roots end as sensitive nerve bundles in your fingers.

This explains why so many computer users and grocery clerks get so called 'carpal tunnel syndrome'.

What really happens is that those nerve endings get damaged from over use and become enflammed.

If the fingers are not allowed to recuperate, and cool down, the inflammation will affect the median nerve at its weakest point... wrist, forearm, elbow, bicep.

At this point it can be diagnosed as wrist tendinitis, arthritis, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is why it is vital to have padded hand protection when lifting weights.

NewGrips have a 5mm of padding to cushion your hands and finger.

NewGrip wrist support straps add comfortable compression to your wrists which brings additional blood flow to the area which helps the inflammation dissipate.
"I'm a physical therapist and, I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no product better than yours. Again, thanks!"
- Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana


"If after using NewGrips for 90 days you are not impressed with their ability to bring relief to any of the above conditions, just return them for a full refund."
-Ryan Sollee
Product Manager

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  • One pair of Wrist Support Straps are only $19.99.
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    NewGrip as last resort...
    "I am reordering the NewGrips because they worked so well for me. I have had the unfortunate experience of an ongoing battle with elbow tendonitis. I had almost given up on being able to do any weight training at all. Every time I attempted to lift even the lightest of hand weights, the tendonitis would come back. I ordered the NewGrip as my last resort. Well, I can now weight train with no more pain!. I can't tell you how happy I am."
    — Sara Tourek, Hawaii

    "I like the fact that since using NeGrips I do not have to squeeze so hard to keep the barbell or dumbbells in place, which has helped relieve the pain in my wrist and tennis elbow."
    — Barron Brillo, Illinois

    Even after surgery...
    "NewGrips have helped me get back into lifting, even after surgery for elbow tendonitis/detachment!"
    — Anthony Field, Nevada

    "I was very skeptical. I lift weights an was battling a worsening case of tennis elbow But I have to admit Grips helped a great deal. Your NEWGRIPS and a recent steroid injection (in the tendon) have made a BIG difference. Thank you very much, I'm almost back to my old self. You have a great product."
    — Kevin Pippen

    It was scary...
    "It was scary at first following your advice not to over squeeze the weight bar. I was used to squeezing the bar to death. But once I started to relax it I discovered that strong grip is automatically there... even though my grip was loose. NewGrips have a lot of holding power. So, with this new relaxed grip I was able to add 5 to 10 pounds to most loads. This is amazing. Also, I originally ordered because my elbows were hurting. But, your wrist straps stabilized my wrists and keep them in a straighter line. Now when I do heavy bench work or dummbbell rows,,,, my wrists and elbows are pain free."
    — Vinnie Siros, Connecticut
    Chronic tennis elbow...
    "I have chronic tennis elbow and these NewGrips make it possible for me to lift again! I went heavy on preachers with the e-z curl bar and no pain. They are awsome. Thanks for the invention of these Grips. You can look forward to future orders because word of mouth in this gym goes a long way."
    — Bob Nimmo, NJ >

    No return...
    "3 or 4 years now of using your NewGrips, with no return of the elbow tendonitis!"
    - Susan DeJarnette, Virginia

    Burning sensation...
    "I had been having a burning sensation in my arm straight up from the thumb to the elbow. The doctor gave me the obligatory shot of cortisone and an anti inflammatory drug.

    But, after using NewGrips for 9 months, I have figured out what the REAL problem was...I did not have a very strong grip and was using my forearm to do most of the work; causing undue strain. Well, NewGrips have strengthened my grip considerably and have almost eliminated that burning sensation!!!

    NewGrips have given me a lot more power in my hands. I am so excited to have less pain.

    When I started using NewGrips they felt odd. But now, I would never go back to gloves again. NEVER.

    NewGrips are the greatest things since pizza by the slice!"

    - Lisa K Wiggs, North Carolina

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