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Proven Relief for Ulner Nerve Pain and
Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome
Using NewGrip Lifting Gloves

Hypothenar hammer syndrome is a condition of the hand in which the blood flow to the fingers is reduced. Hypothenar refers to the group of muscles that control the movement of the little finger. Some of these muscles make up the fleshy edge of the palm (hypothenar eminence). It occurs when workers repeatedly use the palm of the hand (especially the hypothenar eminence) as a hammer to grind, push, and twist objects. These activities can damage certain blood vessels of the hand especially the ulnar artery. This artery goes through the hypothenar area of the palm and supplies blood to the fingers.

Case Studies of Ulnar Nerve Pain Relief using NewGrip :

"NewGrips help stop nerve pain associated with weight lifting. The nerve endings in ones fingers and hands are very sensitive to pain and pressure. Several clients have had this problem until using NewGrips. The hand pads allow them to train with minimal disturbance even as they increase their weight loads. Great product."
-Dennis Garnham, Owner, NH Trainers, New Hampshire

- They are a miracle -
"A hand surgeon told me I need surgery on my ulnar nerve to relieve the tendonitis. He also told me I need to quit school because the pain and swelling will come back, even after surgery, if I continue on my court reporting path. After hearing the news I broke down into tears and went to the internet searching for a solution to my "tendonitis". Quitting school is NOT an option. I found your website and thought I would give the wrist bands a whirl. They are a miracle! The first 48 hours I wore them continuously. The pain was gone almost immediately. I can’t believe how amazing these are and wish the doctor would have known about them. I have a follow-up appt with him next month and am going to let him know about these amazing things. I do not need surgery and I am able to write on my machine for several hours a day pain free."
- Cherlynne Ramos, California

- Ulnar Nerve Surgery -
"I have used your product for upwards of two years. I had surgery three years ago on my ulnar nerve in my left arm (transpostion of the ulnar nerve). It felt as if I had no cushion in my there was no muscle in between the skin & the bone. Regular weight lifting gloves did not provide the cushion I needed. I found your product on the web...bought it, used both the right & left pad (doubled it up) on the left hand to provide the cushion I needed. Over time, my ulnar nerve repaired itself & I know longer need to double up the pads. I recommend your product to all my friends."
- J. Ben McCutcheon, III, South Carolina

- Lifesaver -
"You hand pads are a lifesaver. I have hypothenar hammer syndrome and can't really press with my hands BUT with the grips I am able."
- Randy Muller, Louisiana

- Pain Decreased -
"I have found that after weight lifting, one area on the outside of my hand (the ulna nerve?) gets sore. After I started using your product I noticed that this pain decreased. I don't know if the pain was from gripping too hard or what, but regardless, whatever helps. And logically, if I'm not hurting as much when lifting, I will probably be able to lift more in the long run. I'm no doctor but I do basic research and try to make logical assumptions when it comes to matters of health. Your product makes sense to me, and I enjoy it."
- Andrew Adams, Canada

- Day four I felt nothing -
"You're gloves are truly one-of-a-kind. I've had severe hand pain. It was so bad that as soon as I finished my set I would grind my teeth in pain. On the first day with NewGrips the pain was reduced by at least half, the second day I only felt slight pain, by day four I felt nothing whatsoever! I still don't get the science behind these miracle gloves but I surely experience it. And YES my workouts have improved greatly; I am back to curling 50lb dumbbells, and benching 315lbs, thanks to your NewGrips."
- Francisco Gomez, New York

- Charcot Marie Tooth Disease -
"I am a police lieutenant and have a degenerative nerve condition called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease; which causes my hands and feet to loose their protective coating over the nerves. When I was diagnosed, the neurologist told me to stop lifting weights because the pressure of the bar would speed up my condition. However, whenever I don't lift, I feel terrible and my condition seems to be more present. So I researched products and bought a pair of your NewGrips a few years ago. Since using NewGrips I have been able to continue lifting! I will be putting my order in today for an extra pair."
- Brian Landers, Wisconsin

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