User Tips for NewGrips

USER TIPS for NewGrips/Power Pads and Wrist Support

Your order arrives with a detailed Instruction Sheet

Scroll down for topics that apply to the reasons you ordered...

Your first 2-3 workout should be considered break-in time in order to soften up your NewGrips and
get used to how they feel and function. During those first workouts you should notice these...
BIG Benefits:

NewGrips absorb pressure so that your palms, fingers and wrists feel less fatigue and less sore.
This gives you a dramatic increase in grip strength, which enables you lift heavier weights,
squeeze out more reps, row or cycle farther with more energy and comfort.


1. Hand Pads:
> Use your NewGrips or PowerPads at least 2 full workouts; as you cannot judge size or
fit by just putting them on. You have to grab, grip, lift, pull and push things.

> Your middle finger should stick out over the top of the pad about 3/4 inch or 2cm. You may think this indicates that the pads are too small, but almost always they are not.

> When you first put them on your hands are flat, but when you actually curl them around a handle or bar they
will contour comfortably. To prove this put a pad on and make a fist.
Notice, that your fingers are now slightly shorter than the edge of the pad.
This indicates a good fit. If you are over 6" tall your fingers may still stick out over
the edge but not to worry, this will not affect your ability to maintain a good solid grip as we have satisfied customers over 6'7".

2. CAUTION: How to prevent tearing a hand pad during...

For better pull ups, muscle ups or dead lifts, do NOT attach the Hand Pads to
the Wrist Support as these movements place enormous stress on the
pad material in trying to support your full body weight on the bar.
Excessive stretching of the pads can cause them to tear.

The best way to extend the life of the hand pads is to...
1. lift the pads off of the straps and use them separated.
2. turn the wrist wraps around your wrist so that they can not attach to the hand pads.
3. attack the pads on the top edge of the wrist strap velcro.
See photos 9-10 on this page.
This allows enough slack so that over stretching the pads is not a risk.

For all other aspects of your workout wearing the pads attached to the wrist wraps should not cause pads to tear.

3. KETTLEBELLS: The KEY to using NewGrips with kettlebells is to relax your grip ever so slightly. This allows the hand pads to slide easier.

4. ADJUSTING FOR CUSTOM FIT: Note n the instructions, that you can adjust the pads, longer or shorter, to fit not only your own unique hand shape but per exercise as well. No other glove can do this.

See how to adjust NewGrips here

TIP 1.: If the Hand Pads stick to well...
The best solution is to apply chalk or talcum power to the outside of the pads.
The chalk can be washed off with warm or hot water.

TIP 2: On some KBs the pads can slide sideways. An open water rower in the Netherlands solved the problem; which works for KBs.
See his solution HERE


Normally the pads are nearly odor free, but newly made ones, like new cars, can still smell.
Some people like it and some don't.
The best way to get rid of the odor is to gently stretch the neoprene is all directions. This opens the pours and exposes them to a fresh air exchange.

Also, every time you squeeze them on a weight bar or equipment handle more odor will dissipate.

MOTTO: Let NewGrips take the punishment - not your hands and wrists.

NewGrips are the World's Most Versatile Gloves.

Video & Photo Gallery

You no longer have to over-squeeze the weight bar or handle grip... relax your grip and focus instead on performance.

"It was scary at first following your advice not to over squeeze the weight bar. I was used to squeezing the bar to death. But once I started to relax my grip I discovered that NewGrips have a lot of holding power. With this new relaxed grip I am able to add 5 to 10 pounds to most loads. This is amazing. Also, I originally ordered because my elbows were hurting. But, your wrist straps stabilized my wrists and keep them in a straighter line. Now when I do heavy bench work or dumbbell rows,,,, my wrists and elbows are pain free!"
- Vinnie Siros, Connecticut
"The NewGrips took a little getting used to, but once I broke them in they added power to my indoor rowing stroke, and the hand soreness and calluses are gone! I can now row longer, without sore hands limiting my workouts. Your instruction sheet was very helpful getting started. Thank you for a great product!"
- Ron Schumann, Georgia

Since oars used in outdoor rowing differ in size and shape you may need to adjust the pad length and your finger positions in order to effectively grip the oars. All hand positions are shown...HERE

TIP: On some oars and depending on ones grip the pads can slide sideways. An open water rower in the Netherlands solved the problem. See his solution HERE.

Submitted by Canadian Long Distance Indoor Rower, Michelle Toy
"I'm very happy with PowerPads cycling gloves. They really cut down on the vibration from the handlebars. I started biking to work (10-20 miles per day) and the vibration was making my left hand tingle and ache ("cyclers palsy"). The leather gloves I was using were wearing out, so I went to a bike shop. The padded cycling gloves they had were very expensive ($30-40), super tight, and only had a tiny bit of padding. When I found your web site, I was overjoyed. PowerPads are very affordable and give me superior padding. I wondered how they would function with braking and shifting, but it's no problem at all. My fingers are free to do all that stuff. PowerPads are my new biking glove for sure."
- Bruce Bowling
"The good news is my hand and arm are feeling much better...your wrist straps got me through some gigs when I was really hurting...I am very grateful to you for that...they are especially helpful when drumming with the Spin Doctors since I play quite a bit louder with them....thanks again..." Aaron Comess: drummer, producer, session player
"I've been wearing your wrist straps for about 1 month now, and my left wrist is problem free for the first time in 2 years!- Rick Davonport, Vocals / Guitar for Seered"
>Wear them as tightly as is comfortable.
>In most cases residual wrist ache (after a workout) will disappear.
>They stabilize wrists, keep them warm and increase blood flow to the area.
>They help nerves and tendons to relax under warmth and gentle pressure.
>If you already have sore wrists wear them as often as possible, even to bed.
>Occasionally change the position of the straps...
>Change from around your wrist to an inch or two above the wrist.
>If the velcro closure is slightly too long, carefully trim off excess with scissors.
>Wear them for lifting weights, work, computer, playing sports and all musical instruments.
>The wraps are stylish so you can wear them in public without looking injured.

VIDEO:How to Put on Wrist Support

If you ordered for ANY TYPE OF SORE WRISTS please wear the wrist support straps, without the hand pads, even when you are not lifting weights. Wearing them even 24/7 will greatly help your wrists recover.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a hand or wrist problem, be it mild over-strain, carpal tunnel syndrome,arthritic hand/wrists or hand/palm pain please know that Grips relieve these symptoms.

As soon as you take them out of the envelope... put them on and wear them 24-7. Yes... even to bed at night. Wear them as tightly as possible... as often as possible... then when the pressure gets to you... release it a bit; move the straps to another position and re-tighten. If need be remove them, but only for several minutes.. then wear them again. This is the best method to help your sore wrists/inflammation dissipate.

EXERCISES for Wrists...
1. Hold one hand up in front of you.. palm and fingers pointed upward and away from you.
2. With your other hand pull each of those fingers back ward toward your shoulder.
3. Pull them "gently". What you are doing is stretching the tendons along your wrists and fingers. They are now
XXinflamed and therefore too short. Stretching helps lengthen them. 4. Pull on each for about 15 seconds.
5. Repeat for all fingers and thumbs.
6. You can do this several times per day.

If you have only ONE SORE WRIST or one that it more sore than the other... Wear both straps on the same arm. One around the wrist and one up higher on the forearm.

Please reread and make a copy of this page: Tennis Elbow
It is important to practice the advice given there to achieve results.
These can be complicated medical issues which require diligent effort to get your healing.
Almost all users of NewGrips acheive tremendous relief.
See here Unique ways to wear Grips for sore elbows.

The KEYS to winning over tennis elbow are:
1. always wear the hand pads and wrist straps.
2. keep the weights close to your body AND isolate your elbows out of all exercises.
3. do all movements slowly.. never jerk weights that affect the elbow.
4. in general pushing movements are less painful than lifting motions
5. hammer curls and tricep pushdowns, in short range of motion, can help stretch the affected tendons. GO SLOW!

TIPS: Fascinating article on pain relief for Tennis Elbow and more

1. Between each set remove hand pads and wipe them off on a towel.
2. Apply antiperspirant to your palms.
3. Apply chalk or/talc,(some facilities do not allow this)
4. A customer told me that he placed a half sheet of paper towel between his palm and the NewGrip hand pads and as a result set a personal record in being able to deadlift over 300# several times. 5. Wear a light weight cotton glove under NewGrips.
6. Remember, NewGrips shield your hands from the sweat left behind by the last person who used that equipment.

Here is more advice...
How to prevent sweaty palms

If you ordered because of arthritis please understand that NewGrips are not a miracle, instant cure but NewGrips are designed to cushion and pad your tender palms and fingers against the heavy pressure of weights; bringing relief to tender joints. This I do promise: If you faithfully use NewGrips for more than three months when lifting weights, using machines or holding onto elliptical's, you will notice a progressive lessoning of the arthritic pain. If you have arthritic wrists, wear the wrist support straps 24-7, even to bed. In a short period of time you will start feeling better.

Grips prevent new calluses while old ones fade away.
Tip: in between sets slip your hands out of your NewGrips and
massage your calluses gently back into the skin.

As you know dead lifts can really hurt your wrists and fingers.
What is really needed for heavy dead lifts is quite basic: 1. good grip and 2. padded fingers.

Greg Adler, who is featured on my home page, uses the hand pads alone, unattached to the wrist straps. This allows the pads to stay in his finger joints longer. Whereas when they are attached to the wrist straps then tendance toward sliding upward as you lift the bar.

Here is how to Dead Lift using NewGrips:
> Firm up the wrist straps but do not attach the hand pads.
>Use the pads SEPARATELY.
> Place the hand pad material so that it is hanging at least 1/2 inch over the edge of your finger tips. This will create a 'saddle' for the weight bar which strengthens your grip.
> When finished, reattach the pads to the straps and move on to the next part of your routine.
> Using this method Adler is able to lift heavier loads.

Barbell rows should work great with NewGrips.. just be certain to adjust the hand pads so that your fingers and finger tips are cushioned by the pad material. See here

As for heavy back work you may prefer your old lifting straps. However, as you know, using straps allows you to 'cheat' on the exercise because they allow you to 'yank' on the bar and pull more weight than is possible with proper form. Yanking can cause an injury. Using NewGrips you may not be able to pull such heavy weight but your form will be proper and as a result you will more effectively target and build the muscles you are training.

BENCH PRESSING: Grips cushion your palms against weight bar pressure, are anti-callus, and provide a better balanced bar.

Want EXTRA Padded Palms for Bench Pressing? a) Put on the right hand pad. b) Slide the 'handle' under the pad & pull it up toward your fingers. c) Pull pad down into your palm – with elastic strap over back of hand. d) Position till you can make a fist. Test first with light weights. e) Repeat for left hand pad.

USER FRIENDLY TIPS and an Instruction Sheet come with each order. TIPS and
are available online.

HOW TO GET LONG LIFE from the Hand Pads
While the wrist support wraps are nearly indestructible the hand pads are not. The pads take all the abuse so they will either wear thin or tear. But unlike conventional leather gloves they will never dry out, get brittle or stink.

To insure long life for the pads NEVER pull or yank them off of the wrists wraps.... ALWAYS lift them off, as shown...

Generally men who lift heavy 3-5 times per week get 9 - 15 out of a set of hand pad.

Men who lift less often or less heavy will often get 12-24 months out of one set.

Women almost always get more than 18 months out of a set.

Rowers average 12 months and more.

Cyclists easily more than 12 months out of a set.


If a tear appears on the HAND PAD it can be sealed with Super Glue.

Hand Pads are neoprene and do not take on moisture or sweat.
Sweat will evaporate.
When mine look dirty I wipe them off with a damp cloth.
If you must wash them use one or two drops of liquid dish soap in warm/hot water.
Hand Wash Only. Rinse by hand. Towel off and air dry.
Lysol will disinfect the pads.
Spray on. Air dry for 10 minutes.

Wrist Straps are all cotton. Hand Wash as above.
KEY to their long life is that after a workout do not stuff them in a closed gym bag.
If you allow them to air dry they will retain their
good looks and never grow mildew.

A big plus for your hands, and germs in the gym, is that NewGrips completely shield your palms and fingers from coming in contact with the sweat left behind by the last person on any piece of equipment. My wife and I wear our Grips even when on elipticals and bikes. Gym owns appreciate this benefit of Grips because the sprays used to clean handle grips prematurely dry them out. SAVE SOME MONEY:
Besides the fact that your NewGrips will last longer than conventional
leather gloves, our unique 2 Part System enables you to reorder
Replacement Parts (Hand Pads or Wrist Straps).

Thus, if something wears out first (usually the hand pads), or if you loose parts,
you may order replacements for only $ per set, which INCLUDES shipping.

If you would like to order NewGrip Product at wholesale, discount pricing, for yourself, for a small group, to sell and double your money, or to inform the owner of a club or gym, please go here for details...WHOLESALE

Use Grips to your hearts content for 90 days and then if your workouts have
not improved you may return them for a FULL refund.

We want to know if Grips meet or exceed your expectations.
If you ever have suggestions, complaints or
complements do not hesitate to share them with me.
Here is my e-mail:

Your e-mail address will never be sold or traded. In fact, you may only hear from me once a year. I will not bother you with offers.

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Let Grips take the punishment - not your hands or wrists.