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Batting Gloves that prevent blisters

NewGrip Batting Gloves: increases bat speed and eliminates 'ping'.

"Typically, after a 30 minute session in the cage using conventional batting gloves, I would get blisters and cuts, but with the NewGrip gloves, nothing of the sort. Amazing. They also absorb that painful 'ping' that shoots up the arm. And I use them for weight training."
- James Wang, New York

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Solid Grip      -           More Power     -           No More Blisters or Cuts

Take the NewGrip Challenge...
Use them for 90 days and if your batting avg. doesn't improve... just return them for a full refund!

BENIFITS of NewGrip Batting Gloves:

batting glove grip

< Contours to the bat.

< Wrist support can be cinched tight.

1. Solid grip on the bat.
2. Reduction of the ‘ping' sensation.
3. Elimination of blisters from batting practice.
4. Quicker bat speed. More power.
5. Better grip also means that fewer bats will be thrown in the stands or at other players!
6. Using them in the weight room will allow you to lift heavier.
7. Out-last leather gloves.
8. Will not shrink or take on odors as do leather gloves.
9. Easy on and off.

"I decided that if these gloves give a more solid grip on a weight bar, it should work just as good on a baseball bat! We had a game on Monday. I put on my NewGrips and little did I know I was going to launch a 400 foot home run! These gloves are amazing!!!!"
- Jason Contreras, California

"Besides using NewGrips for lifting weights I am utilizing them to play softball. I have been having trouble getting a good cut on the ball because of the tennis elbow in my right arm. I wore a NewGrip in my right hand to bat and no discomfort at all! The umpire was wondering if the thing on my right hand was legal; ha ha ha!"
A very satisfied customer,
- Bob Nimmo

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"New Grips allow me to lift about 20% more in just about every routine over the past year since I started using them. Strength training is now easier. "
- Richard D. Seiwert, Arizona

"With NewGrips I can lift weights harder and longer. My arms and upper body are more cut, probably due to improved technique enabled by your product. Now, I have to return those Saranac gloves to Big 5..."
- Michael Shibata, California

"Considering my favorite exercise is the deadlift, (that's me in the photo) I was very excited to try the New Grips and see if I could make an increase on my 1RM. My 1RM was 295 with traditional gloves. 2 days later I attempted my NewGrip 1RM in which I pulled a 315.NewGrips are superior compared to lifting straps, because they do not put as much stress on the wrists as the straps do. I love New Grips."
- David McBride, Massachusetts

wrist support straps for strength training<Fully adjustable
< Can be cinched down for stabile wrists
< Stronger wrists
< Hand washable
< 2" wide. 100% comfy cotton

"I do not have any tendon pain in my wrists since a couple of months after using your wrist straps. It is likely that being able to apply appropriate pressure to my wrist has reduced the stress to my wrist tendons, and eliminated the problem."
- Dale Elston, Texas

batting gloves with wrist support < The Hand Pads attach to the Wrist Straps with velcro.
< Adjust 'long' for pulling, 'short' for lifting and pushing.
< Adjust them to custom fit your unique hand shape.
< No more poor fitting gloves!

"We love the way Grips fit/mold to our hands; It's like they were custom made for us personally!"
- Stacy and Sean Bengochea, Indiana
Worlds Only Adjustable Fitting Gloves!


features of strength training gloves Your hands are always open to fresh air.
You can slip your hands in and out from under the elastic instantly.

Hands trapped inside of leather gloves get hot and sweaty; making them a tug-of-war getting off.

"Not just another glove that you have to jam your hands into. NewGrips go on and off in an instant and leave my hands comfy, cool and protected. Can't imagine how Grips could get any better."
- Andrew Ross, Florida
"I read the customers comments and was skeptical, however, to my surprise, I too have gained 10 pounds on weight the first day. Also grip was no longer an issue and I could feel the contraction of each rep. Two words sums them up....totally awesome!"
- Jawaun Lewis, Oklahoma .

"This is an indispensable strength training aid! Less hand pain. Less grip fatigue. More reps. Players love this product. There are guys who won't even grab a weight bar without using NewGrips!"
- Mick Smith, former NBA, Strength & Conditioning Coach,
Portland Trailblazers &, Orlando Magic

Use NewGrips to your hearts content for 90 days and if your strength training has not improved just send 'em back for a refund.
  • Will out perform any leather glove.
  • Not bulky, will not crease, stain or stink up your hands.
  • We ship International
  • Not sold in stores.
  • Each pair is individually sewn.
  • Proudly Made in the USA.
  • Family run business.

    batting gloves by newgrip

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    "I was really not expecting the difference NewGrips made in my strength training to be so drastic. Thanks for developing a great, simple, and affordable product!"
    - John McLain, TX
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